When GPS Leads You Astray. . .

via geeksugar — Geek is chic. by geeksugar on 4/20/08

Is it just me, or are the amounts of GPS horror stories increasing? Who can forget the man who drove his truck into a cherry tree, or the woman whose GPS led her directly into a river?! Crazy but all true!

Well here’s another one for you (it looks serious, but thankfully there weren’t any major injuries). According to the Seattle PI, a driver of a bus carrying a girls softball team hit this 9-foot bridge when a GPS navigation system routed him the wrong way. And yes, the driver just so happened to miss the ginormous yellow clearance sign on the side of the bridge (the bus measured 11-foot, 8-inches high).

GPS units have certainly got me lost a few times, but – knock on wood – I haven’t had any accidents because of them! Have you?


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