Oregon Scientific Tracker and Meteo watches track compass direction or predict weather

via DVICE by Charlie White on 4/28/08


If you’re looking to navigate the great outdoors, there’s nothing better to have on your wrist than a GPS watch. But what if you don’t have a spare $300 in your wallet? The Tracker Digital Compass Watch from Oregon Scientific is the next best thing at less than a quarter the price ($69.99).

It’s not like strapping a refrigerator to your wrist like a GPS watch, either — it’s small enough for even girly arms to wear. It’s even water resistant down to 96 feet, so you can find your way in those underwater caves you can’t stop exploring. Not cool enough for you? Hit continue for Meteo, a watch like this but wise to the weather rather than direction.


In case you can’t predict weather trends with that sore toe of yours, the identically priced ($69.99) Meteo keeps track of the weather for you, predicting the likelihood of sunny, cloudy, or rainy days right there on your wrist with its built-in barometer. We’d like to see Oregon Scientific combine these two watches’ functions into one, for a great, lower-cost campers’ convenience.

Via Oregon Scientific (Tracker or Meteo watches)

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