Life-size Cylon Centurion will be awkward when the Galactica finds Earth

Here’s the scenario: The survivors from the Twelve Colonies finally find Earth and are invited into your living room, only to find a hulking Centurion model proudly displayed. Awkward. Still, if toy designer Fred Barton had entered our “Make A Cylon” contest (which has now ended — stay tuned for the winner!), he would have had a pretty good chance of taking the crown with this life-size Cylon centurion.

The 300 lbs model is a full seven feet of Cylon goodness built from fiberglass with metallic details, and has a working visor light just like the ‘bots on Battlestar Galactica. It stands atop a display base that’ll let first-timers know what TV show it hails from, and an internal stereo sound system plays the endless hum the Cylons seem to always make. So, yeah, by now you’ve worked out this ‘bot isn’t cheap, and it isn’t: $7,900.

If the name Fred Barton sounds familiar, that’s probably because you’ve seen one of The Robotman’s other life-size celebritiy robots, such as Robby from Forbidden Planet, or C-3PO from Star Wars. His Cylon is officially licensed by Universal Studios.

Check out the gallery for more of the Cylon Centurion.

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