10 Gadgets For Air-Conditioned Summer Survival

via Gizmodo by Sean Fallon on 6/20/08

For many of us, the first day of summer starts just before midnight tonight. That means it is time to start thinking about how to beat the heat when the temperatures soar and the air conditioning unit in your home or office inevitably breaks down. In this scenario, survival means being prepared for anything. The following summertime gadgets will ensure that you have all of your bases covered.

First off, let’s talk a little about clothing. Naturally, wearing the proper attire can make a huge difference on a hot day. Light colored clothing, shorts and flip flops are one way to do it—but if you are looking for something a little more advanced, I have a few examples here you should keep in mind:

USB “Air Conditioned” Shirt: Plugging this shirt into the USB drive of your computer will pull in cool air to your body using fans positioned on the lower part of the back. Available for $169. [Product Page and Link]

Nike PreCool Vest: This vest takes things a few steps further than the air-conditioned shirt when it comes to keeping your core temperature down. The innermost layer of the vest is filled with frozen water and it is insulated by an outermost layer of aluminum. Unfortunately, the vest is only available to Olympic athletes, so it looks like you will have to do one of two things to get your hands on one—undergo a complete physical transformation into a world class athlete, or be patient and hope that Nike releases it to the general public one day. [Link]

Insulated Evaporative Cooling Hat: Solar powered hats with fans are a dime a dozen, but if you really want to stay cool, this cap should do the trick. Just run it under a faucet and let the sun draw heat away from your head by slowly evaporating the water. Apparently, it can keep your head up to 30% cooler than the outside temperature—and a waterproof lining ensures that your head stays dry. And as anyone who has ever watched a survival show knows, you could always urinate on something like this if the going ever got rough. Available for $24.95. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

Sometimes basic air-conditioning just isn’t enough to stay comfortable in the heat. When indoors, these gadgets will keep you extra cool (or downright frigid):

Ice Sauna: If you have the means, the latest trend in many European countries is to install an ice sauna in your home. This particular sauna, dubbed the “Snow Room,” was developed by a company called MNK—and it can keep the temperature at a brisk 10 degrees below zero. But I must warn you—if you manage to lure a chick this hot into one of these things, keep in mind that penis frostbite will bring a party down real fast. [Link]

“Air Conditioned” Bed: If ice saunas are a little too extreme for your taste, you could always cool down at night with an “air-conditioned” bed. Using similar technology as the shirt mentioned earlier, this device will draw air in into the pad and circulate it under your body while you sleep. Available for $399. [Product Page via Link]

Luxury 18-headed shower: A cold shower is not just for sexual frustration—it can be a great way to escape the heat as well. This monster luxury shower is an 18-headed beast that will all but drown you in water. Plus it has a powerful floor nozzle that looks as though it will give you a cold water enema. Now that is refreshing! Too bad it will cost you $100,000 to install. [Tag Signature via Link]

When outdoors, a swimming pool is an ideal way to beat the heat. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have one at their disposal. Here are some alternatives:

Big Wave Trampoline: Pools are great, but what if I am looking for something a little deadlier? This 13-foot Big Wave Trampoline will keep you cool and give you that adrenaline rush you so desperately crave. Available for $11.95. [Super Fun Trampolines]

Universal Shower Diffuser: Staying hydrated is extremely important when it is hot outside, but sometimes you just feel like pouring that bottle over your head to cool off. This gadget fits on any standard PET bottle and restricts the flow of water so that it can be dispensed like a shower head. That means you can enjoy a quick soak and still have some water left over for drinking. Unfortunately, the dude in this image has the wrong idea. Available for around $50. [Made in Design via Link]

Finally, what you put on the inside is just as important as what you put on the outside when it comes to staying cool. And when I think of a hot day, two things generally come to mind: booze and ice cream.

Taisin Ice Sphere Mold: Perfect on-the-rocks-drinks require perfect ice—and this mold from a Japanese company named Taisin can help you achieve that feat by creating perfect ice spheres. When a chunk of ice is placed inside the press, the mold gradually closes around it as it melts. The result is a sphere that melts slowly in your drink—ensuring that it does not get watered down. The Taisin mold can produce 30-40 ice balls in an hour and it is available in 55, 65, 70 and 80mm sizes. [Taisin via Link]

The Scoop & Stack: By the looks of things, the Scoop & Stack can make quick work of getting ice cream out of a container. And the cylindrical shape means you can stack that sucker to the sky. Available for $14.95. [Wrapables]

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