Gears replica Lancer get priced and pre-order’able

via Xbox 360 Fanboy by Dustin Burg on 7/9/08

Hopefully you’ve saved up enough weekly allowance or have been busy collecting aluminum cans, because it’s time to cash in and put your hard earned money towards those long awaited Gears of War replicas.

Available for pre-order from TriForce Sales is a lifesize, three foot long, fifteen pound, blood stained and wicked “badass” Gears of War Lancer replica. And it’s only $949.99. If weapons are too NRA for you, you can plop down your $549.99 in pre-order cash on a twenty pound Locust Drone bust that comes complete with stand, a fleshy gray coat of paint and a smattering of glistening drool. Both products will be shipping sometime during Q4 2008. But, as you can see, TriForce isn’t offering up any COG armor like they originally promised. Maybe it was too expensive to develop or maybe they’re still perfecting the look. Yeah, they must be perfecting the look. View all the photographic goods below.

[Via TeamXbox]

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