Microchip breakthrough could keep Moore’s law intact (again)

via Engadget by Darren Murph on 7/11/08

We’re pretty certain we’ll be hearing this same story each year, every year for the rest of eternity, but hey, not like we’re kvetching over that or anything. Once again, we’re hearing that mad scientists have developed a breakthrough that makes Mr. Moore look remarkably bright, as a new approach to chip making could carve features in silicon chips “that are many times smaller than the wavelength of the light used to make them.” Reportedly, the new method “produces grids of parallel lines just 25-nanometers wide using light with a wavelength of 351-nanometers,” although the grids aren’t functional circuits just yet. If you’re interested in more technobabble on the matter, head on down to the read link, but we’d recommend against if you’re easily frightened by terms like “photolithographic” and “nanotechnology.”

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