MIT researchers develop window-tint solar concentrators

via Engadget by Nilay Patel on 7/16/08

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No, the blacked-out rear quarters of your ’90 CRX aren’t going to start powering your hooptywoofer anytime soon, but a new window treatment developed at MIT that functions as a solar concentrator promises to finally bring solar windows to the masses. Based on similar work done in the ’70s, the dye mixture pulls in light at a range of wavelengths and re-emits it to solar cells at the edges of the window at a different wavelength — a technique good for a 40x increase in each cell’s power output, or 10 times what current systems can provide. The team estimates that the panels could become widely commercial within three years — just in time for us to bolt ’em onto our new solar shoe Prius.

[Via Metaefficient and TechNewsWorld]


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