Do You Fear Monthly Internet Service Limits?

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Comcast dropped the bomb the other day that it’ll be placing caps on Internet service — 250 GB per month. When a customer goes over, they’ll be contacted by Comcast and asked to curb their usage, and there’s also a possibility that the company will charge $15 for every 10 GB over the limit.

Considering Comcast is the country’s second-biggest Internet provider, this should affect tons of people (yours truly included), and in general, I’m wary of new limits on services. On the other hand, 250 GB is a whole lot of uploadin’ and downloadin’; SFGate reports that the average user only utilizes about two or three GB per month. Of course, setting a limit now could set a precedent and usher in eventual lowered limits.

What do you think — are you bummed that Comcast is capping usage, or does it not make a difference to you?


Internal Verizon Wireless document: iPhone 3G is a scam and we’re better

via Boy Genius Report by The Boy Genius on 8/25/08

Leave it up to our wireless carriers to use Afghan tactics to try and con convince current and potential customers to stay or sign up for service, right? We just got our hands on an internal VZW doc that was distributed to agents which breaks down the iPhone 3G data plan and price. It’s actually pretty comical with Verizon telling agents the iPhone 3G doesn’t support turn-by-turn GPS navigation (which it doesn’t at the moment) but all Verizon data devices do. Why is that funny? Well, we’d pay to not use Verizon’s craptastic GPS software. Another one? Verizon inaccurately stating that “There is an assumption that the new iPhone’s data package will include all data – IT DOES NOT!!” Oh, VZW… maybe if you didn’t pass on the phone you wouldn’t be spreading this madness. At least you have Thunder soon, no?

Ooopsie! Blackberry Bold suffers from iPhoneitis?

via Boy Genius Report by Sam Dweck on 8/25/08

Apparently the iPhone 3G isn’t the only hot new data device that is suffering some 3G issues. The Blackberry Bold, which has not yet been released in the United States, is reportedly losing its 3G signal and falling back to technology from the days of yore EDGE in lots of places. That’s a little better than the iPhone is faring, which according to the report stays in 3G with very low signal strength. Can you hear us now? Well, so much for everyone thinking it was an AT&T network problem.

Note from BG: I’ve been saying this forever! Anyone out there getting the “Searching for Network…” issues?


HTC announces S740, think Touch Pro’s baby brother

via Boy Genius Report by The Boy Genius on 8/26/08

HTC Touch Diamond not working out for you? We get it, you want a physical QWERTY keyboard. Oh, Touch Pro a little too big? You want something a little more simpler, huh? Starting today, HTC looks to fill that gap. They’ve just announced the HTC S740 and it features the same styling as the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and a numerical keyboard on the front. The only difference? It runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. Here’s a run down of the specs:

  • 116.3 x 43.4 x 16.3 mm
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • WCDMA/HSDPA: 900/2100 MHz (we’d guess there is a 850/1900MHz UMTS/HSDPA version in the works, supports HSDPA 3.6Mbps and HSDPA 7.2Mbps)
  • 2.4″ QVGA screen
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Qualcomm® MSM7225, 528 MHz
  • 256MB flash ROM, 256MB RAM
  • microSD slot
  • 140g
  • 1000mAh battery
  • Wi-Fi b,g
  • aGPS
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • FM radio

Pretty much the most feature-packed Windows Mobile Standard device, no? Enjoy the pics while we phone up our HTC ninjas — we want this thing!

Adobe Unveils Mobile Beta

via Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein on 8/26/08

If there are two things that Adobe knows like the back of its collective hand, they are photos and mobile software. We don’t know anyone young or old who doesn’t automatically say “Photoshop” when someone mentions photo editing. As for mobile software, Flash Lite currently resides on over 500 million handsets and that figure will only grow. So when Abode told us that today it would be unveiling the first beta version of its photo-centric mobile software, we can’t say we were surprised. After a demo however, we were also pretty excited. In a nutshell, the initial offering of Mobile will be the third leg in a trifecta of account syncing – allowing you to capture and automatically (or manually) upload images from your mobile phone and have them sync between your mobile, Photoshop Express (online) and Photoshop Elements 7. In other words, your photos are automatically synced across mobile, cloud and desktop / laptop even as you edit and save them. Awesome! If you think that’s not a big deal, go ask Apple how it’s doing with MobileMe. From Francisco Kattan, director, Product Marketing and Developer Relations, Mobile and Device Solutions at Adobe:

With the rising popularity of camera phones and rich Flash based mobile applications, Adobe is giving consumers the ability to share their mobile photos at any time. With Mobile Adobe is taking the first step to deliver on the promise of rich multi-screen experiences that seamlessly work on the desktop, in the browser and on mobile devices.

When it launches toward the end of September, Mobile will be available for the following six Windows Mobile devices: Samsung Blackjack I, Samsung Blackjack II, Motorola MOTO Q 9h, MOTO Q Music 9m, Palm Treo 700 w/wx, and Palm Treo 750. More Windows Mobile handsets will be supported by year end 2008 but don’t fret if you don’t have a Windows handset. Adobe has a couple of partnerships in the works including Photoshop Express support for ShoZu that will make certain aspects of the mobile portion of their service available to hoards of additional handsets. Of course this might not offer the same rich experience as its Flash Lite-based Mobile app but it will defintiely tide us over until more versions are launched. In terms of pricing, the Basic account which offers 5 GB of storage is completely free while a Plus membership offers more services such as templates and interactive online albums along with 20 GB of online storage for $49.99.


Your first look at BeeJive for iPhone: consider every other IM app dead and buried

via Boy Genius Report by The Boy Genius on 8/27/08

If you haven’t dabbled in the goodness that is BeeJive (formally JiveTalk), you are really missing out. Creators of the best IM program for the BlackBerry devices (this isn’t up for debate, ok?), we were ecstatic when we found out they were making an official iPhone application. Let’s start it off by saying MobileChat, Palringo, and yes, even AIM’s official application, sit down. You are done. Finished. Even in its beta state, it’s going to take a whole lot to knock BeeJive off the podium. It’s the most stable IM application we’ve ever used on the iPhone, it supports every single IM service under the sun, and does so in an awesome and clean user interface. Let’s not forget functionality, though. What good is an IM app that never works? We’re pleased to report that BeeJive handles connections with ease. You can specify your timeout time in the settings, and the application will continue to receive messages when the app is closed. As soon as you launch it, your missed messages are there. They even went as far as to include background notification support, so as soon as Apple flips that switch, notification sounds and badges will be pushed to you instantly. Again, this is a beta version, but even now, it’s the best IM application to use. Ok, you’re sold. When can you get it and how much? We’re not able to provide you with a release date or pricing at the moment, but it shouldn’t be too long before you can get your hands on BeeJive’s IM application for the iPhone. Want to check it out? Hit up the gallery for some shots!

Click on over to our BeeJive iPhone application gallery!

Microsoft Confirms IE 8 ‘Pr0n Mode’, Real Name Slightly More Diplomatic

via Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein on 8/27/08

Recent Internet Explorer 8 rumors being tossed around the Web loosely outlined what bloggers referred to as “porn mode”. Basically this new functionality would allow users to easily enable and disable a strict privacy policy, disallowing all cookies and disabling browsing history, search history, and form data / password memory. Microsoft has finally confirmed that the upcoming much needed update to their Web browser will indeed include a secretive browsing mode, though it seems to have opted to not go with the “porn mode” moniker despite its relevance. Andy Zeigler, Microsoft Program Manager, recently detailed what has been dubbed the “InPrivate” feature line within Microsoft’s upcoming eighth Internet Explorer version. Three new services combine to make up the InPrivate package; InPrivate Browsing, InPrivate Blocking and InPrivate Subscriptions. When enabled, these three components (along with an automatic history deletion feature) combine to ensure that you can go anywhere you want on the Web and no one will ever find out what a sick, twisted deviant you really are.

[Via The Register]


Windows Mobile 6.1: Samsung Blackjack II edition

via Boy Genius Report by Joshua Karp on 8/28/08

‘Tis the season for Windows Mobile 6.1 updates. Following closely on the recent updates for the HTC Tilt and the Verizon VX6800, Samsung has decided to bless us with a little 6.1 love for the Blackjack II. The specs should be old hat for you by now, but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, the new firmware brings threaded SMS, a new paned home screen, better power management, and more to the WM Standard device. The update can be downloaded effective immediately, and while the process is not exactly painless (all of your data will be wiped) we can’t think of a good reason not to make the jump.

UPDATE: It looks like Samsung has pulled the download page for the time being. No word on when it might return, but we’ll keep checking and keep you posted.


Ocean Circulation Explorer, the Formula 1 of satellites

via DVICE by Charlie White on 8/26/08


Those hip Europeans. They make the sleekest cars, and now they’ve taken that chic design sense into space with the Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE), perhaps the most badass satellite to ever ply the cosmos. This shiny space ornament is set to blast into orbit on September 10th, and will be using its Electrostatic Gravity Gradiometer to measure the earth’s gravitational fields. Its main mission is to figure out the speed and direction of ocean currents, and along the way maybe even determine when the next big volcano is going to blow.

Powered by an electric motor charged up with solar panels, it will get its readings of Earth’s gravitational field by flying in a relatively low orbit of around 167 miles. Because there’s still some wispy remnants of the earth’s atmosphere at that altitude, this baby has those streamlined fins like a ’57 Chevy to fly straight and true. This snazzy bird is sure to be the envy of all the other satellites, not to mention that clunky-looking International Space Station.

European Space Agency, via AstroEngine

Peugeot 888 future car is a concept done right: shape-shifting and green

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The Peugeot 888 is billed as the “personal vehicle for the future Metropolis.” For designer Oskar Johansen from Norway, that means a car with space for two with room for luggage, as well as a nifty shape-shifting body. On the highway, the Peugeot 888 stretches itself out flat so that it’s stable and aerodynamic. In the city, however, it scrunches up for easier parking and taking up less of the road in general.

Just to make sure it’ll fit in with the eco-minded future, the 888 is powered by electric motors in each of its wheels, runs off of an array of lithium-ion batteries stored in the trunk, which, in turn, is covered with solar panels.

Check out the gallery below for more views of the Peugeot 888.

Peugeot, via Inhabitat