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New approach to gene therapy may shrink brain tumors, prevent their spread

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers are investigating a new approach to gene therapy for brain tumors – delivering a cancer-fighting gene to normal brain tissue around the tumor to keep it from spreading.

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Sony/Toshiba making 45nm Cells in ’09, slim PS3 on way?

via PS3 Fanboy by Majed Athab on 9/22/08

The current PS3s already have efficient functionality with the shrunken 65nm Cell processor, but now things are going to get even smaller. Sony and Toshiba have plans on mass producing a 45nm Cell processor starting in 2009. The plan is to integrate them first into PS3s. The result of which will allow PS3s to save power up to 40 percent.

As usual, smaller chips mean less heat, less space, and more reliability. Engadget suggests that this new hardware revision could usher in a price cut and a PS3-slim model. All seems logically sound, though — even if the chips were produced early in the year — we still wouldn’t see the end product until late 2009 at the very earliest. So if you’ve been holding out for a PS3 until the slim comes into town … you’ve still got a long wait ahead of you buddy.

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Number Six to voice Black Cat in Web of Shadows

via Xbox 360 Fanboy by Xav de Matos on 9/21/08

This is what Ricky Gervais calls the olds. It is news … it just ain’t news today! On Friday, Canadian actress Tricia Helfer was announced as the voice of Black Cat in the upcoming game, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows from Activison. Helfer is famously known as the gorgeous Cylon Number Six in the Sci-Fi Channel series Battlestar Galactica. Casting Helfer as the agile (and somewhat reformed) cat burglar works well as it isn’t the first time the actress has taken on the role. The gorgeous actress previously took on the voice of Black Cat as a guest character in the CW ‘toon The Spectacular Spider-Man back in May 2008. Did we mention, gorgeous.

Fall 2008 Xbox 360 and Wii Games That are Going to Rock

via 8Bit Joystick.com by Jake on 9/22/08

I am still not over all the great holiday games from last year. Well tis the season to get ready for the holiday/fall blitz of new games.

Wii Releases

Samba de Amigo
Sega + Monkeys = Fun!!! It will be awesome to play properly with dual Wiimotes. It is going to be pure maracas monkey madness. BBQ is going to be all over this.

Sam & Max: Season 1
I feel a bit left behind since I have not played the PC version but alas the Freelance Police will soon be here and kick down the door and fully investigate my Wii.

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars
Gothic, creative, innovative, driven and coming to my Wii soon.

Xbox 360 Releases

Mega Man 9 XBLA
I am going to flat out say that I doubt that I’ll get to many achievements on this bad boy but a new old Megaman game is too big a treat for me to pass up.

Dead Space
I am cautiously optimistic that this game might be the best scary game of the year. I want to play this with all the lights off with headphones on and a cold beer.

Fable II
I really need two copies of this game. One for me and one for my freinds to play with me. I am going to devour this game like a finely seasoned medium rare steak.

Guitar Hero World Tour
It was a bunch of fun at PAX but it will have to deliver after Rock Band 2. I might get the new guitar.

Fallout 3
I like a good post apocalyptic semi-real time RPG with nukes and mutants.

Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade
I am a sucker for classic Namco games.

Gears of War 2
Blood tastic saw-domy on a massive scale.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
I was already interested in this game but the addition of George Takei as the Emperor of Japan seals the deal for me.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
The Xbox 360 needs a pretty kick but cartoony platformer.

Call of Duty: World at War

Left 4 Dead
This looks like the best online team based zombie apocalypse game this year.

I am pretty curious to get my mouth on Microsoft’s new interactive music singing game. Told ya Lips was a peice of hardware.

Prince of Persia
All the trailers of this game make my hair stand up on the back of my neck.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
I was pretty impress with this game at PAX. It is the first Lord of the Rings games that I am looking forward to in a long time.

Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon
The new physics based weapons that they and new and expanded destruction that is going into this game is looking brilliant.

I also can’t wait for Brutal Legend but there is no hard release date yet.

E-TEN’s V900 gets handled, unloved

Bad camera, poor battery life, a dodgy d-pad, ugly color — is there anything good to say about the most well-spec’d glofiish in E-TEN’s range? Well, yes: with support for not one, not two, but four mobile TV standards under its belt, you’ll have a hard time finding a WinMo set out there that’s friendlier to telly on the go. Plus, the V900 rocks a flush VGA display and tri-band HSDPA, which are “good things” last time we checked; you’re just going to have to put up with flimsy build quality and a host of software and hardware niggles to get ’em. At $700, it’s hard to swallow the thought of buying a device this heavily panned in a review, but if you absolutely must be able to switch between DAB and DVB-T with aplomb… well, your crappy phone has arrived.

Windows Mobile 7 pushed back to second half of 2009?

via Engadget Mobile by Paul Miller on 9/23/08

Good thing nobody’s working on anything right now in the smartphone space, or this could be really bad news for Microsoft, whose current version of Windows Mobile lost the technology and usability edge a while ago, and is being bandaged up by the likes of HTC to keep the OS relevant to consumers. According to CNET, some of Microsoft’s partners in the space are claiming that the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 has been pushed back to the second half of 2009, instead of the “early next year” they’d been expecting. Microsoft has yet to make a formal announcement about the release date of the OS or the specific feature set, so we can’t exactly point our fingers and laugh, but we’d say crying big, mobile OS tears into our morning cereal is certainly appropriate.

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