New Microsoft Zune music players rolling out today

via DVICE by Charlie White on 9/9/08


While everybody is all a-twitter about Apple’s announcements of new iPods and other stuff happening in just a couple of hours, the first rollouts we heard about due today were from Microsoft, accidentally leaking word a month ago of a laser-less Blue Track Mouse. Now it’s official that the Redmondians will also show off a new webcam, and the star of the show will be an updated Zune.

Unlike the secretive Apple, Microsoft revealed the details of its new Zunes ahead of time, confirming new features before today’s launch of the Fall Zune line. Microsoft will expand its hard-drive Zune music player’s capacity to 120GB ($249), its flash drive-based Zune moves up to 16GB ($199), and the Zune now catches up to the iPod touch with the ability to download songs via Wi-Fi.

An intriguing new feature is a recommendation engine based on the songs you’ve been listening to. We’re also digging the inclusion of one of our staff fave games, Texas Hold ‘Em, to the player.

Via Cnet

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