Nokia 5800 XpressMusic begins shipping, select markets only

via Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein on 11/27/08

S60 fans rejoice – Nokia has just announced that it has begun shipping the highly anticipated 5800 XpressMusic. Woo! Don’t get too excited just yet though, only retailers in Russia, Spain, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Finland and a few other markets will be receiving this first round of shipments and there’s still no word as to how the schedule is looking for other regions. Unfortunately, it still looks like potential buyers in those markets can likely look forward to some elevated pricing until year’s end, but those of you who absolutely must have the 5800 can chalk it up to early-adopter tax. The fact that you can brag to your S60-loving buddies in other regions about being the first to get your hands on Nokia’s touchscreen revival should make up for the extra cost, maybe.


Get a PlayStation credit card, get $150 off PS3 purchase

via PS3 Fanboy by Majed Athab on 11/24/08

Still looking to score a PS3 for yourself or a friend? Then take a look at this deal which can net you an 80GB PS3 for as low as $250 and a 160GB for only $350. So what’s the catch you ask? You’ll need to apply for a PlayStation credit card. Though it isn’t that much of a catch when you consider that there is no annual fee, you’ll get full Visa Platinum benefits, and double the normal warranty protection all alongside the discounted offer (and further Sony-related discounts in the future).

To avail of the deal, you can apply here and grab the discount online, or apply here and be instantly approved at any authorized Sony retailer. This offer is only valid until December 31, 2008. Just make sure you double-check those APR percentages and see to it that they meet your approval before making any decision. And, if you don’t know what APR is, then you’re probably not old enough for a credit card. Try again next year children!

PS3 tops CNN’s ‘Best of the Blu-ray players’ list

via PS3 Fanboy by Alan Tsang on 11/26/08

CNNMoney has put together a list of the five best Blu-ray players you can currently find on the market. Sitting pretty at the top is our beloved PS3, with the highest grade given of A-. Why such a high grade? The ability to upgrade to Profile 2.0, excellent picture quality, 7.1 Dolby TrueHD audio, and fast load times for movies were just some of the reasons CNN cited. Their biggest complain seems to be about the lack of an IR receptor, which means you can’t use universal remotes with it.

Not to worry, CNET and RemoteShoppe has got you covered in that department. Each site has their own Infrared-to-Bluetooth converter guides to help you pick out the best equipment for your needs. Check it out here and here.

Source — CNN via EngadgetHD
Source — CNET and RemoteShoppe via Engadget

Most Sony Movies Back On Xbox’s Netflix Streaming Service

via Gizmodo by Elaine Chow on 11/25/08

With nary an explanation, most of the Sony-owned movies that were mysteriously pulled from Xbox’s Netflix Watch Instantly streaming service last week have been put back up again. Ghostbusters, the Karate Kid series and other Columbia Pictures luminaries can now be downloaded for watching. However, anything tagged with an “available through Starz Play” logo, such as Walk Hard or Bad Boys, are still absentia.

-Thanks Rodolfo!

A router combined with a vase makes routers nice to look at

via DVICE by Adam Frucci on 11/21/08


We all have a lot of stuff cluttering our homes. You know, stuff that serves a purpose but doesn’t look too nice doing so. Like your router. It’s essentially a little plastic box with blinking lights. Sure, it’s very useful and you wouldn’t want to be without it, but couldn’t it look a little better?

That’s the idea behind this wireless router vase from Saudi Arabia based STC. It’s a fully functioning wireless router, but it also happens to be a pretty nice looking flower vase. As long as you’re willing to ignore the obvious issues with filling an electronic device with water, it’s a pretty slick looking object. What do you think, would you rather have this or a traditional router?

STC, via Dezeen

First wave of new Avatar clothing will be free

via Xbox 360 Fanboy by Dustin Burg on 11/21/08

You can calm your “will new Avatar clothes cost me Microsoft points?” worries, because Microsoft is committed to offering the upcoming Avatar fashion choices for free … for now.

Talking to German website, Boris Schneider-Johne (Microsoft’s Xbox product manager in Germany) confirmed that the first few weeks of new Avatar clothes will be available for free, but doesn’t go as far to say that all Avatar clothing in the future will be available for no charge. “More costumes will be made available for free in the next weeks” says Schneider-Johne, adding “what’s going to happen as of spring is yet to be announced.” So, feel free t put those Microsoft points back in your pocket … for now.