Netflix to stream HD movies through Xbox 360


via DVICE by Charlie White on 10/29/08


Video rental-by-mail company Netflix decided to do the only thing needed to make its “watch instantly” service perfect: stream the video in HD. First up is the Xbox 360, where the Netflix HD streaming service will begin in three weeks — November 19th. That coincides with the overhaul of the Xbox 360’s user interface, featuring cartoonish avatars and a revised menu system.

The sketchy details of the breakthrough upgrade put 300 HD streaming titles available on the Xbox 360 at the “soft launch,” but there was no word about their resolution or quality, which movies would be offered, pricing, or anything else.

We have to think (hope) that soon we’ll be enjoying Netflix HD streaming movies on the excellent Roku Netflix box (which is HD-ready), Samsung and LG Netflix-ready Blu-ray players, and the Netflix “watch instantly” service viewed through Internet Explorer.

Via Engadget HD

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