Get a PlayStation credit card, get $150 off PS3 purchase

via PS3 Fanboy by Majed Athab on 11/24/08

Still looking to score a PS3 for yourself or a friend? Then take a look at this deal which can net you an 80GB PS3 for as low as $250 and a 160GB for only $350. So what’s the catch you ask? You’ll need to apply for a PlayStation credit card. Though it isn’t that much of a catch when you consider that there is no annual fee, you’ll get full Visa Platinum benefits, and double the normal warranty protection all alongside the discounted offer (and further Sony-related discounts in the future).

To avail of the deal, you can apply here and grab the discount online, or apply here and be instantly approved at any authorized Sony retailer. This offer is only valid until December 31, 2008. Just make sure you double-check those APR percentages and see to it that they meet your approval before making any decision. And, if you don’t know what APR is, then you’re probably not old enough for a credit card. Try again next year children!


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