Mobile Spy Can Now Secretly Record Your iPhone SMS, Calling Data

via Gizmodo by Elaine Chow on 12/18/08

Mobile Spy, that terrible piece of technology that silently monitors smartphones without the user knowing, has come to the iPhone. Goodbye safe haven of SMS and calling privacy, it was nice knowing you.

The app, created by Retina-X Studios, runs in total stealth mode so that users don’t know its even on their phones. It silently records all SMS text messages, inbound and outbound call information (including call duration) and uploads them to a private account you specify.

It’s been out for a while now on Symbian and WinMo phones, but the iPhone had been left gloriously untouched until now. Not surprising, I suppose, given the device’s ever-increasing popularity. Retina-X says its for monitoring your children or employees. I say if you need to monitor them like this, you’ve got some terrible control and trust issues.



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