Run Mac’s Flurry screensaver on your Windows PC

via Download Squad by Lee Mathews on 12/18/08

We’ve covered plenty of software that brings Mac OSX features to Windows systems, like stacks and expose. Suppose you’d like some Apple ambiance while your system is idling.

DeviantArt user Ausrif has created a Windows version of the stunning Flurry screensaver. To install it, extract the .scr file from the zipped archive, right click it, and choose install. You can then configure it from the display properties screen.

Five different flurries are available: classic, RGB, fire, water, and psychedelic. It also supports multiple monitor configirations and can display one massive flurry across both or a different one on each monitor. The visuals are fantastic, especially considering the download is only 54kb.

The .scr file scanned clean with ESET Smart Security v4 beta and on

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