bitRipper offers one-click DVD ripping

via Download Squad by Brad Linder on 12/30/08

Want to convert your DVD into a video file that you can play on any computer, but don’t feel like fussing with complicated DVD ripping software? It doesn’t get much simpler than bitRipper. All you need to do is pop a DVD into your optical disc drive, fire up bitRipper, and click the Start ripping button. That’s it.

Of course, you can click the settings tab to access more advanced features. For instance, you can change the audio or video codecs or adjust the bit rate, aspect ratio, or video resolution. At the very least, I’d recommend configuring the audio. The default settings use a ridiculously low bitrate that sounds just awful.

For some reason, when I tried ripping a video using the LAME audio codec, the audio and video were out of sync, but when I tried again using the Fraunhofer codec all was right with the world.

[via MakeUseOf]

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