Broadbandits: Data cap craze spreads to Charter Communications

via DVICE by Charlie White on 2/6/09


You know how we warned you about Time Warner’s plans to limit broadband usage in more cities? Now the nearly-bankrupt Charter Communications has decided to set limits, too, but they are significantly more lenient than Time Warner’s stingy 40GB/month cap.

Charter will bring the hammer down on Monday (2/9/09), limiting heavy downloaders to 100GB/month on its 15Mbps (megabits per second) tier, and 250GB (equal to Comcast’s limit) on the higher tier of up to 25Mbps. The company’s easing into this draconian measure — Charter isn’t saying anything about consequences of running over those limits, and adds that the caps won’t be strictly enforced … at first. The good news: those lucky users of Charter’s recently announced $140/month 60Mbps top tier reportedly won’t be metered.

What’s next? Verizon FiOS? We deplore these kinds of limits on broadband access that was formerly called “unlimited,” but really, how many of you are downloading more than 250GB of data per month? That’s equal to two 720p HD movies every day. What would be a fair limit?

DSL Reports, via Ars Technica

One thought on “Broadbandits: Data cap craze spreads to Charter Communications

  1. I live in NYC, me and my other 2 roommates share an apartment. We user Roadrunner which is Time Warner. Between the 3 of us, we all being tech savvy, between 28 and 34 any type of limitation and overage charge does scare the hell out me me, specially since i am the one paying $60 for the cable modem to begin with int he first place.We have a 2 X-box 360 with Netflix service on it (i stream movies & show off of this several times per day) HD content included – allot of online gaming and video conferencing with friends1 PS3 – allot of online gaming & video1 Wii – allot of online gaming & audio1 PSP – allot of online gaming2 Nintendo DSLite – allot of online gaming2 iPhones 3G – when at home all online data goes using home service1 Nokia Internet WiFi Tablet3 Laptops2 Desktops4 HDDVRs4 LCD HDTVs with Ethernet ports (connected to auto check for firmware updates)Skype – no need to mention how much data that usesiTunes – auto download of HD content on a daily baisisZune – auto download of HD content on a daily baisisAllot of HD content is streamedfrom the X-Box Media center connected to the Desktop to the HDTV in HD and that is streamed. Again, on a daily basis.I have a unlimited pass with Zune, so i download music and tryout new songs almost every day. So do my roommates with their services.Unlimited should mean "UNLIMITED" that is what we paid for. We are not doing bittorrent or anything. We are telecommuting at times but 250GB/month? My apartment can go thru that in a couple of days! This is ridiculous.We are not stealing anything. We are paying for everything we use. From every HD movie we purchase on the PS3 or the X-Box 360 or stream using Netflix, or download vie iTunes or Zune. Nowthing is stolen at my house.Time warner tries to put a gap in NYC, they will have law suites up their *** left and right all over the place here. This is just one apartment in midtown west Manhattan. There are 3 million more in Manhattan alone, and million of home more in the area and go over the TW proposed 40GB cap they are proposing. This is just crazy.This is the internet age.And data is the foundation of out modern age.And let me not even get into the show are watched on my computer browser when my younger siblings come over to visit.

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