I know i venting here, but i needed to post this so someone other then a computer would read it. I have no idea if anyone as unhappy as i am with this but i sure am.

I emailed Sony today, and let them know. At least i vented
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Human Resources
919 East Hillsdale Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Foster City, CA 94404

To whom it may concern,

I originally purchased my PSP system during launch v.PSP1001 and have used it and been have happy with it all this time thru the numerous systems software upgrades that have added additional software functionality to my system allowing me to further enhance the unit singnificantly.

However; over his past week, i have been trying to install Skype onto my init after seeing many of my friends and colleges using the software on their units. To my complete disatisfaction and shock, Skype and a number of functionality is not available to version 1000 systems. The launch systems. The system that i have is version # 1001.

Skype and many other ‘enhanced’ software upgrades, are available on system hardware version # 2000 / 3000 (the newer, slimmer, cheaper, better) version of the PSP but not on the version #1000 (the original, more expensive, thicker, early adopter, Sony loyal) users such as myself.

I must say that i find this very disturbing, and borderline insulting specially as a user who did dish out near $300 for the original unit (with tax) on launch day. Only to find that the newer, cheaper unit, ($199) is so much better is Sony has completely neglected the original user base who made the PSP what it is today by spending so much money on the system, by trusting in Sony Corporation and it’s products and now being left, forgotten, made obsolete with a system that still is not!

How insulting it is that NO effort was made to make the original v1000 hardware system fully compatible with all other software that has come since is truly an abomination and a kick to the face of all those users who trusted in Sony Corporation. I am dismayed that my unit is not functional as all other units are even as it stands in perfectly working order.

All efforts should have been made to make all PSP hardware version fully compatible with all software to be approved for the PSP system. No exceptions. How you can allow this is truly and slap in the face across all those hundreds of thousands of customers that have purchased the original unit. With Sony Corporation basically saying “Go out and buy a new PSP and throw away the old one, it’s no good no more. Pollute the environment!”

You should make all units fully compatible with everything immediately, or exchange v1000 hardware version to support you own current standers.

I am sure not to even get a response to this, but i voice my opinion… and you KNOW that theres ONE customer who is NOT a happy customer with you today.

You may contact me if you would like. You can use the email on the top of this blog, i will be sure to get it.


SOLAQUA, a concept to use heat and UV rays to disinfect water

via DVICE Atom Feed by Kevin Hall on 5/13/09
SOLAQUA, a concept to use heat and UV rays to disinfect water

The SOLAQUA by designer Jason Lam is a concept for a passive way to purify water using both heat and UV rays (so, in other words, leaving water out in the sun). Each petal that extends from the main unit — which folds up as to be easy to carry — contains several 10 liter, clear tubes of water that’ll have the water inside entirely and thoroughly bombarded by the sun. Filling the tubes up is easy, as SOLAQUA automatically funnels it down into them, rather than making someone fill the bottles one by one.

Boiling water is one of the easiest methods of disinfecting the liquid, though a filter needs to be used to get out any solid pollutants — which is why the SOLAQUA includes a built-in filter of sari cloth — but the water doesn’t even have to be all that hot if it’s going to sit out for a while. Boiling just speeds things up. UV rays, as well, are popular for purifying, and the petals of the SOLAQUA would direct them straight through the bottles.

Check out the pictures below for more of the SOLAQUA.

Muji’s CD player makes me want to start listening to CDs again

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adam Frucci on 5/14/09
Muji's CD player makes me want to start listening to CDs again

Sure, CDs may be a dying medium, but if you still use the discs due to, you know, having purchased them for years and years, you might as well have a classy way to play them.

This Muji CD player is simple and classic, mounting on the wall and showing your disc spinning as it plays. In order to get it to play, simply tug on the cord hanging underneath it. Other controls, such as volume and track select, are on the top. Sure, for $178 you could get a few boom boxes, but this is classy, and that’s gotta count for something.

Muji via Technabob

Head-to-Head Comparison: Cool-er vs. Kindle 2

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 5/14/09
Head-to-Head Comparison: Cool-er vs. Kindle 2

Now that the Amazon Kindle is a huge hit, it’s time for upstart Interead to sashay in with its multi-hued $250 Cool-er. The target date for the launch is just before Memorial Day, with the new reader officially available in all eight colors on May 29.

Take a look at our comparison between the two e-readers, where the Cool-er’s specs are listed first, compared with Amazon Kindle 2 specs (in parenthesis):

  • Price: $250 ($359)
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.6 x .43 inches (8″ x 5.3″ x 0.36″)
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces (10.2 ounces)
  • Screen Size: 6 inches (6 inches)
  • DPI: 170 pixels per inch (150 pixels per inch)
  • Levels of Greyscale: 8 (16)
  • Touchscreen: No (No)
  • Storage: 1GB (2GB)
  • Memory Expansion: SD, up to 4GB (none)
  • Processor: 400MHz (532MHz)
  • Battery Life (single charge): 8000 pages (Read on a single charge for up to 4 days with wireless on)
  • Wireless: No (Yes)
  • Formats: JPEG, PDF, EPUB, TXT, MP3 (Kindle AZW, TXT, Audible AAX, MP3, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; PDF, HTML, DOC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion.)
  • Bookstore Titles: Over 750,000 (Over 275,000)

Coolreaders and Amazon Kindle 2

Body Check Ball tells the real story of your body’s condition

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 5/14/09
Body Check Ball tells the real story of your body's condition

Scales don’t lie, but stepping on one doesn’t tell you the whole truth about the condition of your body. For a more accurate assessment, you’ll need this Body Check Ball to demonstrate to you in no uncertain terms the wages of your slothful sins.

Hold it in both hands, and it sends a weak current through you, measuring body fat, bone density and percentage of muscle. Then you can read ’em and weep on its LCD screen, tracking your progress — or lack thereof — from day to day.

Is this one of those devices that gives you too much information? Depending on your degree of fitness, that knowledge could be $39 worth of bragging rights or shame.

Japan Trend Shop, via Oh Gizmo

Hot Rod couch is one ridiculous piece of furniture

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adam Frucci on 5/14/09
Hot Rod couch is one ridiculous piece of furniture

This couch is, well, a one-of-a-kind object. It’s a hot rod couch, and it can be yours for a mere $45,000. What a deal!

Sure, there’s no way it’ll go with anything in your home, but come on, it’s so crazy looking! It sort of looks like a hot rod! Mixed with an uncomfortable couch! I’m sure this will sell in no time.

Zaha Hadid unveils latest alien spacecraft disguised as common Earth structure

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adario Strange on 5/15/09
Zaha Hadid unveils latest alien spacecraft disguised as common Earth structure

The age of mobile museums and public pavilions continues to be pushed forward by futuristic designer Zaha Hadid. For an upcoming ecology-focused exhibit in Chicago’s Millennium Park, the London-based designer created a seashell-meets-spacecraft design that would be right at home in the 24th century.

Constructed using light-weight aluminum, the structure uses fabric for its walls and allows light in from all angles. Dubbed The Hadid Pavilion, the design will be on display from June 19 through October 31, and you can find more information here.
Via Tuvie