Can’t Login to MSN Messenger on Xbox 360 NXE but could 48 hours ago – anyone else experiencing this? (3 months now)

I am experiencing an issue with my MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) not connecting when i connect with my Xbox Live ID on my 360.

I am able to login with my MSN Messenger on my computer in the same LAN, and i was able to connect to my MSN Messenger on my Xbox 360 XNE just 48 hours ago, but starting yesterday, every time i login, my auto MSN Messenger [as well as manually] login i got the message “can’t connect to messenger”.

I have a Xbox Live Service Request # 110-696-0357 (and now a second # 110-700-3596), but i thought i would post here and see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

Additionally, i was not experiencing this problem jut two day ago on my 360. I did not make any modifications to my Windows Live ID account (Windows Live Messenger or Xbox 360) such as password change or anything.

Nothing has changed.

Additionally, when contacting Xbox Live support, i have been hang-up on, given the runaround by support agents that does not know what they are really doing and even been hung up when asked to be transferred to their supervisors.

As most of you Microsoft/Xbox users know, this is very a-typical of Xbox customer behavior and it is simply, in my opinion it is offensive, appalling and intolerable. I am dismayed that this kind of ongoing customer service behavior is still common practice at Xbox Hardware/Live support and most of all i am alarmed at the little interest support personnel actually devotes to do what they are actually supposed to be doing. Helping, assisting, improve & encourage customers and in turn push brand loyalty. None of these things are happening, when all they do is read from a script on their monitors and on the most timely, rapid fashion move on to the next, like an assembly-line.

I know this, because i felt this. Still my issue goes not resolved. With a promised of a higher-end technician to contact me on my home phone given to me today, i will not be sitting by the phone. As previous experiences have tough me, just like a 3 year old little girl waiting for her boyfriend to call which will never will but endlessly holds on to hope; but he never does. (just as with that, it will never happens [sad face for us both]). Still no one really cares. Not Microsoft, not Xbox… They certainly don’t care about their customers who spend Billions on their products, even the ones still under warranty.

Maybe i will sit by the little girl waiting by the phone… I know that at this moment, i have more in common with her then any other; waiting for a call that will never come. Holding on to hope, where there is none!

Reference to this post to contact Microsoft directly.



  1. 2009-09-14 (17:15 hours) – XBOX Live Service Center is of no help. They ave given me additional run around and promised me that a higher tier tech agent would contact me withing the next 48 hours at my home telephone number (which i then provided). Additionally, i was instructed to email (contact) the Windows Live Messenger support team directly, for they might have better luck at troubleshooting the issue then the XBOX Live Service Center. Which by this time is unable to assist me any further. Please note that this is a supervisor that i am speaking to at the time.
  2. I send out an email to the WLM support team (which is not easy to find any more btw), only to get an automated reply. Got that fix and got an actual response by the evening hours of 09/14, only to have them direct me back to Xbox live Service Center. I kindly replied to the email and asked for someone, somewhere to take ownership of the issue, for the people at Xbox Support will only re-direct me back to them. I also CC’s “Steve Ballmer, CEO” & “Bill Gates” on that email as well as another contact i have at Microsoft which i dealt in the past with somewhat related issues. Maybe that will get the support representative’s attention. I did however email my issue to all 3 individuals earlier today, following it up with a phone call to each office and posted my blog post and reference URL on a bunch on gaming sites. Now all i have to do is wait. I know that Mr. Ballmer is traveling and not in his office and Mr. Gates is at a conference. So a 24 hour response window is much better then never getting a reply from Xbox Support at all.
  3. 2009-7-30 (13:30 hours) – So Derrick from Xbox Corporate Xbox Escalation Team returned my call today (i had left him a voice mail the the night before around 20:03 hours, just 3 min after his shift ended. We did make allot of progress in the 3 previous phone calls that we had the the previous week in regards to my issue, all of which left me mad, and ill-content. THE BOTTOM LINE; as we stands right now, i had to create an second Game Tag (in my case i simply used one of the old ones i created for a similar issue i had nearly 2 years ago. On his suggestion (which i heavily opposed, knowing the outcome would be this), i changed to Windows Live ID associated with my primary Xbox 360 hardware. The purpose of this was to see if Windows Live Messenger would work after the change (but the catch is that i would have to wait a month (yes, 30 days to be able to change it back), of course it did! The next step was to associate the original Window Live Messenger ID (the one that i am having issues with), with that second Xbox Live Game Tag which i just created (in this case which i already had. So i did, and it did not work. Conforming what i already knew and had informed Derrick, that the issue was with my Windows Live Messenger account. So he forwarded the issue on the the WLM programming team and we are waiting for a response as to what is the maxim number of contact that you can have as ‘friends’ on contacts on your buddy list. As i tried to explain to the teck, the i did come across the same issue in the past, (it’s the same issue as i had before) the Xbox 360 is not able to handle the seer number of contacts in my WLM contact list. Apparently, this all happened when Windows Live Spaces imported all of my Facebook contacts on to WLM network and Messenger basically adding about 1,000 or so new contacts to my WLM. Now know this, i already have nearly 1,700 WLM contact on my WLM to begin with. Since it’s used for family, friends, blogging AND work. But he seems to be very impatient when speaking with me and always in a hurry. I guess i would be too when talking with someone that know more about my job and about what is going on then i do too. I know the steps that needs to be taken to correct this; it’s the same steps that were taken the last time this issue occurred with me. WLM for the Xbox 360 needs to raise it’s capacity. Specially now that Windows Live Spaces gives it’s users the ability to connect and/or import Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, LinkedIN, Tagged & Windows Live. NOW; i just got several emails from readers of the site, and calls from friends of mine who are now experiencing the same exact issue that i am. I explained this to Derrick today, also the fact the the front end support team at 800-XBOX is not equipped to provide adequate support to this issue. And since Windows spaces is now providing it’s users the ability literal import their entire contact list onto their network/WLM, any Xbox 360 user will now face the same issue. So this really need to be re-prioritized before they are inundated with calls and be acting instead of reacting. But my pleas as always falls on the ears of those that who really don’t care.
  4. Just imagine a user, seeing this feature and deciding to connect to their Myspace account. Now you know that most people have about 10,000+ friends and more on their Myspace. After the import process, their WLM (MSN Messenger) would all of a sudden have anywhere between 5,000 to 15,000 new contacts (after the other users accept them over the follow days and month). The primary user would not even be aware of the HUGE influx of “friends” to their WLM. And the next time they login to Xbox 360, the 360 WLM client crashes just like mine because it can’t handle the influx of 5,000+ new contacts. I don’t know about you, but this is definitely a issue since ALL Windows Live IDs are tied in from Xbox Live, Windows Live, Zune Marketplace, Microsoft Marketplace, Windows Live Spaces, etc… what do you thing?…
  5. 2009-08-03 (03:00) – Still waiting for a reply from Microsoft. Did email Microsoft Headwaters again on the issue hoping it might expedited the WLM team a little but that was Friday. I might hear something back early next week.
  6. 2009-11-14 (02:25) – I finally got a responce from Microsoft a while back, and basically was told that there is nothing they could do. After working back and forth with the programming team with the Windows Live Messenger, Xbox 360 Live and the programmers in between there is nothing no one could do. They refused to exchange the hardware to try to see if that would fix the issue so after all this time I can’t login to my WLM account using my Xbox 360 Live account. Additionally I did find out that the WLM on the Xbox 360 can only handle 1000 contacts as per the programming team specifications on the Xbox. However, the total number of contacts on my contact list was well bellow that. They were unable to explain why i was/am unable to login to my WLM account thru my Xbox 360 Live… So I was told “Sorry, there is nothing we can do. This functionality is not functional for your system!” #&*#E*& Microsoft!

What the hell do i do now?

Just to keep you posted my TMP case ID for this is “11-07-11-71-55” – sorry i can not give you direct contact info as to the particular contact info on my articular case.

See if this link works for you. – this is the URL for where you can find the import tool on WINDOWS LIVE -> ADD PEOPLE

I will keep you posted.
And PS, i am still experiencing the issue where as Xbox Live Support told me to “Wait a hour and try again!”

And PSS, i am still unable to logon to my original Windows Live ID (MSN Messenger) using my Xbox 360 Game Tag (the alternative one).

Still waiting for a resolution.

Michael Jackson patented a gadget to perform dance magic

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 6/29/09
 Michael Jackson patented a gadget to perform dance magic

As we mourn the loss of spectacular dancer, frenetic and staccato singer, and professional weirdo Michael Jackson, the gadget world reminisces about a patent Jackson filed in 1993. Remember that supernatural, gravity-defying 45-degree lean Jackson performed with his troupe of dancers on “Smooth Criminal“? Jackson used wires and harnesses in the 1988 music video, but that wasn’t possible when he performed the trick live in 1992.

He did it with special shoes that quickly slid into pegs that rise out of the floor at just the right moment. Also helping the effect were rigid anklets that worked like ski boots, supporting Jackson and his entourage of dancers as they leaned forward at that magic angle.

Classy Bugatti Stratos is what mobsters will drive in 2099

via DVICE Atom Feed by Kevin Hall on 6/26/09
Classy Bugatti Stratos is what mobsters will drive in 2099

The Bugatti Stratos is a slick design by France’s Bruno Delussu, who was inspired by classic cars such as the Bugatti Type 57, Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Mille Miglia and locomotive designs by Raymond Loewy. Delussu wasn’t so interested in the technical aspects of those vehicles, however. He designed the Stratos to be a purely fantastical car that leans on its looks.

And lean on its looks it can. The end result, as you can see, is pretty impressive, affecting a retro air that’s still undoubtedly futuristic.

Finally, charcoal-broiled meatballs are possible

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 6/26/09
Finally, charcoal-broiled meatballs are possible

Summer’s here, and it’s time to fire up the grill. A newcomer to your sizzling fire pit could be meatballs, kept perfectly round, seared and smoked in this Meatball Grill Basket from Williams-Sonoma.

Notice the tiny holes around each of the dozen meatball compartments, letting those flames lap all around the circumference of each meatball, while letting that flavor-inducing grease drip out into the fire.

Might be well worth the 50 bucks just to get that coveted charcoal-broiled goodness in meatball form, which surely won’t be anything like mama used to make.

Williams-Sonoma, via Coolest Gadgets

Razer brings 7.1 surround sound to its Megaladon headphones

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adam Frucci on 6/29/09
Razer brings 7.1 surround sound to its Megaladon headphones

Razer’s new Megaladon headphones are named after an extinct gigantic shark, and with good reason: they’re absolute monsters. I mean, how many pairs of headphones have you seen that emulate a 7.1 surround sound system?

These bad boys come with a remote for adjusting the volume and a mouthpiece for use while gaming, which is what these are intended for. They go on sale for $150 tomorrow, if you’re in the market for serious headphones.

Razer via Technabob

Frolicat Bolt keeps your cat entertained with lasers

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adam Frucci on 6/29/09
Frolicat Bolt keeps your cat entertained with lasers

If you have a cat, you’ve probably played with it with a laser pointer. Cats love laser pointers! Well, now the Frolicat Bolt lets your cat be entertained by lasers without you needing to do any work. Simply put it down and it’ll flash lasers all over the place, making your cat go crazy.

You know what else cats love to play with? String. Or crumpled up paper. Or basically anything else. But hey, this thing has lasers! And costs $20! Doesn’t your cat deserve something that’ll cost you money?

Frolicat via Coolest Gadgets

iPhone OS 3.1 update already in beta

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 7/1/09
iPhone OS 3.1 update already in beta

Just when we got used to the new iPhone OS 3.0, Apple rolls out a beta of version 3.1. Top of the list of this bug fix is the ability to nondestructively edit video. With the current OS 3.0, if you trim the beginning or the end of the clip and save it, those edited parts of your video are gone forever. In OS 3.1, you’ll have the option to save a copy of the edited video, leaving the original intact. But wait, there’s more:

• Voice Control now works over Bluetooth
• Faster boot time
• iPhone vibrates when moving icons
• Updated AT&T profile to 4.2
• Updated modem firmware to 5.08.01
• Improvements to OpenGL and Quartz.
• APIs to allow third party apps to access videos and edit them.

One fix I wish they would implement: It’s harder to place the cursor within text than it was in the old iPhone OS (could that be because of the new “oleophobic” screen?). Maybe somebody could try fixing that. Let’s also hope the developers do something to improve the iPhone 3GS’s speech recognition, which is laughably lame thus far.

Developers are getting the beta software and firmware now, but the official release date for the rest of us iPhone-totin’ suckas is unknown.

The iPhone Blog, via Geeky Gadgets

World’s biggest satellite blasts off into space courtesy of Ariane 5

via DVICE Atom Feed by Addy Dugdale on 7/2/09
World's biggest satellite blasts off into space courtesy of Ariane 5

There was a rumble in the jungle yesterday as the TerreStar-1 satellite set off on its one-way trip into space from a launch pad in French Guyana. After storms delayed blast-off, the 7.6-ton behemoth finally went up, hitching a lift aboard euro rocket Ariane 5 at 17:52 GMT. You can see it kiss the sky in a video after the jump.

The mighty space bird is the mothership parent satellite of the new $700 Terrestar satellite phone, which yesterday had its own, somewhat less stellar, launch back on Earth.

TerreStar-1 should be put into action in around a week’s time, when its 60-foot reflector umbrella is unfurled in a procedure that should take around four hours. Once up and running, expect the satellite and its super-slimline handsets to change the worlds of drug-running, drug-busting, terrorism and counterterrorism. Forever.

Via BBC News

Phelps-beating swimsuits proliferating, but are they legal?

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 7/2/09
Phelps-beating swimsuits proliferating, but are they legal?

There’s a techno-storm brewing in the swimming world. After Michael Phelps smacked down seven world records at the Olympics last summer, attention focused on his Speedo LZR Racer swimsuit. Rival technology has surfaced, including the Jaked 01 swimsuit you see here, worn by French swimmer Frederic Bousquet when he beat out Phelps in a 100m freestyle event in Charlotte two months ago.

Not so fast, says FINA, the sports federation that rules over such events. Even though the officials allowed Bousquet to claim the world record wearing that Jaked 01 suit, it was not officially approved. The ruling body disqualified it and nine other high-tech swimsuits for “not passing the test of buoyancy and/or thickness.” What the heck does that mean? Besides giving swimmers a skin similar to a shark’s, some of these suits trap too much air inside, giving them more buoyancy, which is deemed unfair.

The most frustrating part of this story: Even if the new technology is eventually approved, some swimmers such as Phelps are contractually bound to Speedo, and won’t be able to use these faster suits because of legalities. Phelps can still win, though — there’s more to winning swimming races than a stupid swimsuit. He’ll just have to train harder and lay off that bong for a while.

Via DailyTech

Archos 9 PCtablet netbook runs Windows 7

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 7/2/09
Archos 9 PCtablet netbook runs Windows 7

Archos follows its competent media players — the Archos 5 and Archos 7 — with the Archos 9 PCtablet. Instead of a 5- or 7-inch screen, this one has a 9-inch touch-sensitive display, and its new-found versatility makes the 22-ounce unit more netbook than mere media player.

It’s packing more power than its brandmates, employing the latest Intel Atom Z515 processor, with storage choices consisting of either a 60GB or 120GB hard drive. Thankfully, instead of Archos’s own clumsy operating system, this one comes loaded with Microsoft Windows 7.

We’re hoping Archos has improved that touchscreen, which we found a bit cumbersome in the Archos 5 and Archos 7. Whether its resistive touch system will be as responsive as other advanced capacitive touchscreens remains to be seen. The company hasn’t announced pricing yet, planning to ship the PCtablet this Fall. Here’s the Archos press release.