Gratuitous Space Battles officially blows up thousands of space ships

via DVICE Atom Feed by Tom Chick on 11/4/09

Gratuitous Space Battles officially blows up thousands of space ships

If I’d known Gratuitous Space Battles was going live this week, I would have adjusted the wallet threat level upwards. You know how the space combat scenes in Battlestar Galactica were terrible and epic and oddly serene, all at once? This game is like that. It has lovely graphics, a lot of depth, an alarming amount of replayability, and a great sense of humor, to boot. Plus, it’s universal. Who wouldn’t want to build spaceships and then throw them into massive battles so you can sit back and watch them pound the snot out of other spaceships? Isn’t that the point of all science fiction? Isn’t that why Wrath of Khan is the only good Star Trek movie?

After a lengthy beta period that incorporated lots of user feedback and lots of gratuitous improvements, Gratuitous Space Battles is now officially released. Not to say it’s final. Developer Cliff Harris clarifies the announcement of the “release version”:

Does this mean the game is finished?
It means the game is in a finished state, playable and is properly for sale, yes. It means people can review the game without thinking it’s still in beta. It means that Positech (Me!) consider this to be a finished game, rather than an on-going beta test.

Is this the end of new features?
No. Definitely not. I already have stuff (like the converging lasers thing) in the pipeline to add in later updates. There is a ton of stuff I’d love to add (if the game sells!). It *does* mean that updates will be less frequent, but probably be more feature-related rather than focusing on bug fixing, and possibly bigger in scope.You can get Gratuitous Space Battles here for the odd, odd price of $22.99.

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