This Week: 5 Great TV Moments for Independence Day


Hulu Top 5
1 SNL's Immigrant Tale
Cornelius Timberlake arrives on Ellis Island
JT’s great, great grandfather predicts that his great, great grandson shall one day bring sexy back. (1 min.)
2 Bloomberg Outlaws July 4th Sparklers
In defense of sparklers
Colbert fires back after New York City Mayor Bloomberg tries to ban the 4th of July staple.
(5 min.)
3 American Dad! Sings About U.S.
America: It’s not the worst place in the world
Why is our nation so great? “American Dad” Stan Smith can tell you why–through song and dance. (2 min.)
4 SNL's American Gothic
SNL shows us how the painting “American Gothic” was made
It was actually pretty complicated. (5 min.)
5 The Simpson's Star Spangled Banner
“The Star-Spangled Banner” on “The Simpsons”
Here’s a throwback: Relive Lisa’s jazz mentor Bleeding Gums singing a soulful version of our national anthem. (1 min.)

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