LiteCubes for Colorful Quaffing


Here’s a accessory that could prove to be a fine enhancement to the upcoming holiday festivities: LiteCubes that light up your drink like a Christmas tree and have a gel center that you can freeze, cooling off that drink in cool style. They’re available in a variety of colors, each with an LED and battery embedded inside. Some of the LiteCubes, such as the green, blue, white and pink ones, required two batteries inside, rather than a single battery of the red, orange or gold ones.

These aren’t exactly new, but this is a good time to remind you of their existence—we especially like the Rainbow LiteCubes that can be set to different colors, glowing constantly or going into a discotastic color-changing mode. They’re $2.54 each, or $119.52 for a package of 48.

Product Page [Cube Lady, via Shiny Shiny]

Wall-mountable Fireplace Heats Up Your Living Room


Feels like everyone’s mounting their flat panels on their walls these days, so what better way to one-up your neighbor than with this wall-mountable fireplace. The fireplace’s creators (West Country Fires) claim it automatically cleans up after itself so you don’t have to worry about any harmful gases filling up your apartment. At $2,500 dollars, it’s a little too close to the price of a real plasma, no matter how many “burn-in” jokes you can get out of it.

West Country Fires Vertigo [via Sci Fi Tech]

Wall Fireplace With Spinning Fire Tower


We have earlier told you about the 360 degree revolving fireplace titled “Berlin”, and have also given you more than few options for wall fireplaces. So, you might not be keen on reading about another fireplace that is more of a work of art than just sitting-up in a corner. How about a combination of both…I mean a wall fireplace with a spinning tower of fire like this Cyclone fireplace by Heat & Glo. The unique fireplace features a mesmerizing, show-stopping, spinning tower of fire which makes it a piece of fine art. The Cyclone is available in either a customizable version or as a system and is a perfect model in smaller areas, such as foyers and hallways, or in public areas like a lobby, or bar. The Cyclone system includes a decorative front in few finish options, a decorative base material and an RC-Smart remote control all for a rich price tag of $7999. So, just like the unique design, it is unique in price too!

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Geniol Portable Fireplace Edition


Winter is on its onset, and this is just the time to do up your home with a modern design fireplace that would not just bring some respite from the chilling winter but will give your interiors a high too! This funky new Geniol Fireplace edition is another nice edition to extend our fireplace list. The cylindrical glass body of the fireplace with the higher off the ground flame gives the brilliant glow of the Olympic flame. The fireplace is easily portable and you don’t need a chimney or an extractor and it is fuelled by standard fuel paste for indoor use. The fireplace comes with a furnace chamber, the cover of which has a log-fire pattern that gives the rising flames an interesting shape to mesmerize the on-lookers. The dancing light fireplace comes for around $1800.

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Rotating fireplace is an understated addition to any living room

rotating fireplace

Nothing beats a warm fire to keep you toasty during the upcoming winter months. The problem is fireplaces are generally stationary affairs, making you stay in front of them to receive their benefits. However, with this new “Berlin” rotating fireplace, you can have the heat follow you, at least in a couple of directions. The Berlin rotates around its chimney, allowing you to turn it towards you as you go from the living room to the kitchen and vice versa. There’s no word on pricing for this thing, but it looks like you need to install a special chimney to use it, not to mention the whole rotating fireplace thing, so I’m sure it ain’t cheap.

Berlin, via Gizmodo

Hearthfalls: water and fire, a stupid combination


Are indoor waterfalls the new must-have frivolous purchase for the disposable income set? Earlier this week we showed you the Watur, the most useless door in the history of doors, and now here’s the Hearthfall. Yes, it’s a waterfall that goes in front of your fireplace. Fire and water, together at last! Well, perhaps there’s a reason fire and water aren’t together more often… nah, I can’t think of anything. The Hearthfall can provide you with a soothing waterfall in front of your fireplace whether or not there’s a fire roaring or not. I’m not sure if having a wall of water in front of the fire prevents some of the heat from going into the room, or how often you’ll make a big mess by forgetting to turn it off before putting another log on the fire. But these aren’t questions I’ll ever have to worry about, as I value my money and don’t buy stupid crap like this.

Table Top Fireplace: not quite roaring flames


If you want a really fancy fireplace, but don’t want to put a stupid waterfall in front of yours, check out this Table Top Fireplace. As long as you don’t need fire for a source of light or heat, and instead just like looking at the pretty flames, the Table Top Fireplace should do the trick. It is a little small, admittedly, at 10 x 14 inches, so the flames are probably closer to the size of a couple of big cigarette lighters than a roaring fire, but without a chimney, you probably wouldn’t want it much bigger. While it’s significantly cheaper than installing a real fireplace, the $340 price tag somehow still seems pretty steep for such tiny flames. But if you really like staring at fire, this is probably the safest way to do so inside your home.

Table Top Fireplace, via Luxist