Peugeot 888 future car is a concept done right: shape-shifting and green

via DVICE by Kevin Hall on 8/26/08


The Peugeot 888 is billed as the “personal vehicle for the future Metropolis.” For designer Oskar Johansen from Norway, that means a car with space for two with room for luggage, as well as a nifty shape-shifting body. On the highway, the Peugeot 888 stretches itself out flat so that it’s stable and aerodynamic. In the city, however, it scrunches up for easier parking and taking up less of the road in general.

Just to make sure it’ll fit in with the eco-minded future, the 888 is powered by electric motors in each of its wheels, runs off of an array of lithium-ion batteries stored in the trunk, which, in turn, is covered with solar panels.

Check out the gallery below for more views of the Peugeot 888.

Peugeot, via Inhabitat

Seat Brisa, the solar-powered love seat of the sports car world

via DVICE by Kevin Hall on 8/28/08


he Seat Brisa is a sports car, but not the kind that’ll burn rubber down the road with a gas-guzzling roar. Instead, its hood is covered with photo-voltaic cells that power an electric engine tied to the rear motor. Designer Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez of Spain remarked in his notes, “As sail boats are propelled by the wind, the Seat Brisa is propelled by the sun.”

It stays nice and light thanks to its trim, backless design and its aerodynamic shape should have your hair whipping back in no time. “I wanted it to look very Mediterranean,” Sánchez notes, “very flamenco!”

Check out the gallery below for more of the Seat Brisa.

Via Coroflot