iPhone users: Spore Origins now available

via Joystiq by Christopher Grant on 9/9/08
spore origins

iPhone users think they have it all – a phone; an iPod; an internet communications device – but up until 3pm yesterday afternoon there was one thing they were all missing: Spore. Okay, there’s two things they’re all missing: copy & paste and Spore.

After what we can only imagine was a grueling certification process, Apple’s army of app-sniffing robots finally approved the handheld version of the everything simulator, dubbed Spore Origins. The 80MB download will run you a cool Hamilton (that’s $10 for the currency-ignorant amongst you). Add some copy & paste and you’ll have it all, iPhone user!

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Source – Spore Origins App Store link

Your first look at BeeJive for iPhone: consider every other IM app dead and buried

via Boy Genius Report by The Boy Genius on 8/27/08

If you haven’t dabbled in the goodness that is BeeJive (formally JiveTalk), you are really missing out. Creators of the best IM program for the BlackBerry devices (this isn’t up for debate, ok?), we were ecstatic when we found out they were making an official iPhone application. Let’s start it off by saying MobileChat, Palringo, and yes, even AIM’s official application, sit down. You are done. Finished. Even in its beta state, it’s going to take a whole lot to knock BeeJive off the podium. It’s the most stable IM application we’ve ever used on the iPhone, it supports every single IM service under the sun, and does so in an awesome and clean user interface. Let’s not forget functionality, though. What good is an IM app that never works? We’re pleased to report that BeeJive handles connections with ease. You can specify your timeout time in the settings, and the application will continue to receive messages when the app is closed. As soon as you launch it, your missed messages are there. They even went as far as to include background notification support, so as soon as Apple flips that switch, notification sounds and badges will be pushed to you instantly. Again, this is a beta version, but even now, it’s the best IM application to use. Ok, you’re sold. When can you get it and how much? We’re not able to provide you with a release date or pricing at the moment, but it shouldn’t be too long before you can get your hands on BeeJive’s IM application for the iPhone. Want to check it out? Hit up the gallery for some shots!

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