Classy Bugatti Stratos is what mobsters will drive in 2099

via DVICE Atom Feed by Kevin Hall on 6/26/09
Classy Bugatti Stratos is what mobsters will drive in 2099

The Bugatti Stratos is a slick design by France’s Bruno Delussu, who was inspired by classic cars such as the Bugatti Type 57, Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Mille Miglia and locomotive designs by Raymond Loewy. Delussu wasn’t so interested in the technical aspects of those vehicles, however. He designed the Stratos to be a purely fantastical car that leans on its looks.

And lean on its looks it can. The end result, as you can see, is pretty impressive, affecting a retro air that’s still undoubtedly futuristic.

Chanel Brings High Fashion to Automobiles

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We’ve seen quite a few fashion houses work with automakers to create designer vehicles. Usually the fashion house designs the interior while the car company designs the exterior. But if South Korean car design student Jinyoung Jo has her way, high end fashion vehicle will soon be taking their turn on the catwalk.


Jo’s creation, the Chanel Fiole concept car is breathtaking. Focused on creating a car targeting women that channels the spirit of fashion and beauty, Jo took inspiration from the classic and iconic designs of Coco Chanel. Following the simple yet elegant aesthetic that is trademark Chanel, the main color scheme is black and white. The vehicle has plenty of smooth, sweeping lines reminiscent of fabric or drapery and the rear wheels are concealed by the rear panels. But it wouldn’t be Chanel without the trademark interlocking C’s prominently displayed on the front grille and the rims of the front wheels.

As expected, the interior is just as impressive as the exterior. The Fiole gives off a cockpit feeling with two seats in the front and a third staggered in the back.

While the Chanel Fiole is without a doubt easy on the eyes, but it’s all but guaranteed it won’t be easy on the wallet if it comes into production.

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Seat Brisa, the solar-powered love seat of the sports car world

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he Seat Brisa is a sports car, but not the kind that’ll burn rubber down the road with a gas-guzzling roar. Instead, its hood is covered with photo-voltaic cells that power an electric engine tied to the rear motor. Designer Miguel Ángel Iranzo Sánchez of Spain remarked in his notes, “As sail boats are propelled by the wind, the Seat Brisa is propelled by the sun.”

It stays nice and light thanks to its trim, backless design and its aerodynamic shape should have your hair whipping back in no time. “I wanted it to look very Mediterranean,” Sánchez notes, “very flamenco!”

Check out the gallery below for more of the Seat Brisa.

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