Livedrive provides unlimited online storage

via Download Squad by Brad Linder on 12/24/08

Livedrive is an online storage service that offers two advantages over most services in this space:

  1. Unlimited file storage
  2. Integration with Windows Explorer

When you install Livedrive (and reboot your computer), you’ll notice an L drive show up in Windows Explorer. To copy files to the service, just drag and drop them to the L drive. You can also upload and download files through a web-based interface. And once your files are online you’ll be able to access them from any computer using the web client.

Thanks to the Windows Explorer integration, you could easily use LiveDrive as an offsite backup tool like Carbonite or Mozy. Just install your favorite file backup utility and point it to the L drive.

Livedrive is free while in beta, but I have a feeling the company will probably start charging a fee when the beta ends.

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Sneak peek at 3.0

via Download Squad by Brad Linder on 3/20/08 3.0 beta 2.4 may be just around the corner. But if you laugh at stable releases and always want to have your hands on the latest beta software, you can download an early beta version of 3.0 today. Just check out the list of mirrors, choose a download site, and then find the Developer folder and the DEV300 supfolder and you should be able to download a Windows, Linux, or Mac installer. That’s right, there’s even an OS X installer. 3.0 will be the first version of OpenOffice to feature a native Mac client.

So what else does 3.0 have that version 2.3.1 is missing? Well, a bunch of bugs. This is a developer preview, after all. But there’s also a ton of new features, including the startup screen you see above. That’s what you’ll get if you launch OOo-dev without choosing a specific application like Writer or Calc first. Here are a few other changes:

  • Multi-page view in Writer
  • Office 2007 document support
  • New Calc theme
  • Maximum number of columns in Calc jumps from 256 to 1024
  • Multiple users can edit spreadsheets simultaneously

These are just a few of the changes already included in 3.0 beta. There are thousands of other tweaks and bug fixes in the works. What features would you most like to see in the next major release? 3.0 is scheduled for a September, 2008 launch.

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Have many Flickr pictures to download? Try Flickr Mass Downloader

via Download Squad by Jason Harris on 1/25/08


If you’ve ever had your hard drive fail, you’ve dealt with the ordeal of trying to recover and find all your old files, notably your images. Enter FlickrDown, a utility that allows you to download images from Flickr quickly and easily. FlickrDown is only for Windows at this time and requires .Net 2.0 to be installed.

To get started download the install file and fire up the application. Next, specify a username, email address, tags, or group to find the intended photos on Flickr. Then hit the Download button and the process begins.

Happy Downloading!

Also, on a related note, if you want to upload images to Flickr, be sure to check out the flickr uploadr.

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Mozilla needs a few good beta testers

The company is looking to reach out to the community of users of its software by building a mailing list of those interested in beta testing software.

Mozilla is currently in the midst of testing out its next release of Firefox, however the company is apparently planning ahead for future products. Testers will be responsible with putting release candidate and developer builds through their paces before shipment.

“Our community is a valuable resource, and we hope to build a network of trusted testers who we can count on to help us make the web experience great for all of our users,” quality assurance team member Marcia Knous said.

Those with experience in advanced web development are especially welcome to the program. It should be mentioned that these are not betas per se, but rather developer builds, which mean that problems with these applications could be more troublesome than the average beta.

From the beta call, it appears that Mozilla is attempting to keep the program out of the general everyday tester, mentioning that there are other programs for that.

“There are Bug Days and Test Day events that you can participate in if you are interested in becoming a nightly tester or interested in general testing,” Mozilla said in an FAQ.

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Microsoft Says Thankyou! to Select Vista Testers

To everyone that took part in the Windows Vista beta test (as far as I know, about 20,000), only those that submitted at least 1 bug report will be offered a complimentary copy of Windows Vista Business or Ultimate.

Microsoft sent out a mail to those testers just a few minutes ago which specified that it is being offered as a download only. No media will be mailed, and only currently active, invited members of the Windows Vista technical beta program who filed at least one bug are receiving this offer.

Kudos to Microsoft! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that they have really shown their appreciation towards the people that actually took the time to submit the bugs that were eventually worked out of the final code, some bugs that were submitted by beta testers didn’t make the final, among those is the now infamous explorer folder selection bug* where the folder remains selected in the tree view, deleting a file or folder in the folder view (right pane) actually deletes the selection in the tree menu!

Microsoft had already announced that this was too late to be included in the signed off code and it will be fixed with a patch update.

*Workaround = Click on an empty area in the right pane first before deleting anything.

Link: Did you submit a bug? @ Connect