Microsoft Blue Track mouse technology teased, revealed?

via DVICE by Charlie White on 8/27/08

Details are sketchy this far, but Microsoft is teasing us about saying “goodbye to laser” on September 9th, and now we have a picture of a product that showed up on Amazon’s Germany site that might have the answer to the mystery. Instead of a laser or conventional optical tracking system, Blue Track allegedly uses a blue LED teamed up with a wide-angle lens for better tracking on more surfaces.

Speculation has the first iteration of the Blue Track system inside an MS Explorer Mini Mouse for road warriors, but we’d like to see it trickle up to full-sized pointing devices. We’re big fans of Microsoft mice, and especially of their associated drivers, which seem to work better than any other, especially on Windows XP and Vista. Better tracking? You have our laser-focused attention.

Engadget, via ZDNet