BMW updates classic M1 sports car; drool supplies skyrocket worldwide

via DVICE by Jim Nash on 4/28/08


BMW today is proudly — boastfully — showing its M1 Homage, a tribute to a legendary super-sports car that began production 30 years ago. This M1, however, is only a concept.

The M1 Homage holds remarkably firmly to the original, which had a BMW father and a Lamborghini mother (or vice versa; your call). Production of the original M1 ended in 1981 after a mediocre racing career few remember. It’s better known for accelerating people to its top end of 162 mph, and doing it with a refinement rare among sports cars.

The two best features of the new version: 1) BMW created a new color, Liquid Orange, for just this concept car — never has any hue known as “orange” been this right on a car. 2) The bestial front end. The headlights are set deeply back into the grill (there is, technically no such thing on this car). They peer out in a feral squint. All the sharp lines flow together to create a look of absolute patience. It will pounce when it can take you down with the least amount of effort.

If you believe as some do that we are witnessing the final demise of extravagant, anatomy-compensating sports cars, the M1 Homage would be a beautiful end point.