Halo 3’s Cold Storage free on Bungie Day!

via Xbox 360 Fanboy by Richard Mitchell on 7/3/08

Lest you have no idea what Bungie Day is, that’s Monday, July 7 (7/7, get it?). Yes, starting on July 7, Halo 3‘s newest map Cold Storage will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace absolutely free. Not only that, but Microsoft will also be lowering the price of the Legendary Map Pack from 800 Microsoft Points to 600 Microsoft Points. The best part of all is that these prices will become the permanent prices of the content. In other words, Cold Storage and the Legendary Map Pack price drop aren’t part of the limited time, one day only Bungie Day goodies that will be on Marketplace. Joy!

In celebration of Bungie Day and the release of Cold Storage, a special 48-hour free for all playlist is going up. Specific details are sparse, but Bungie’s Luke Smith promises that players will be able to control “Rockets, Invis and Snipe.” Mmmm … sounds nice and spammy. Finally, “one last thing” about Cold Storage is set to drop some time today on Bungie.net. Keep your eyes glued to X3F for whatever that may be.

[Thanks, Skandil]

Bungie brings back the SWAT

via Xbox 360 Fanboy by Xav de Matos on 3/28/08

Red team go! Bungie has announced that they will be reactivating Team SWAT for Double XP this weekend in Halo 3 social matchmaking after the original playlist was removed last week. Beginning at today at 2PM PST and ending on at 2AM PST on Monday. In order to balance the playlists Team Hardcore has been removed to make way for the upcoming MLG playlist that is set to go live as soon as the Double XP weekend ends on Monday. Time to get tactical folks!

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