Maxablaster lamp can put you in the spotlight– from 4 miles away

via DVICE by S.E. Kramer on 1/31/08


Dutch engineer Ralf Ottow has created an extraordinarily bright light that he calls the Maxablaster— it’s a 38-million candlepower light that shines a beam so strong that it can illuminate an object that’s four miles away. It uses 54 batteries and is far, far brighter than this torch. Ottow used the casing for a commercial flashlight and replaced its light bulbs with a mercury arc bulb. The light apparently gave him a sunburn before got wise and fitted it with a UV-filter. One reason not to try to make one of these at home? Ottow is quoted as saying that instead of using it to walk your dog at night, the light “would probably cook your dog.”

via Popular Science

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