Canon 800mm lens is one huge …

via DVICE by Travis Hudson on 1/24/08


It’s day two in our impromptu oversized gadgets series. Today we pay a trip to Canon to take a look at one hell of a gigantic lens. Blowing by the previous largest telephoto lens by 200mm is this 800mm behemoth.

For the nitty gritty, this massive lens goes by the name EF800 f/5.6 IS USM. The IS means this beast of a lens includes image stabilization and USM is the ultrasonic motor included in the lens that allows for quick and silent automatic focusing. Surprisingly, the lens was also constructed in a way that makes it weigh less than its little brother, the EF600, even though they are similar sizes, thanks to a magnesium alloy lens barrel on the EF800.

The Canon lawyers got to work on this lens as well slapping it with the title of the longest focal lens with optical image stabilization available. The downside is always the price, especially with this lens, at $12,000 once it becomes available. Maybe a cheaper spy camera is a better option for your voyeurism, Romeo.

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