Palm Pulls the Plug on Treo 650

The long-in-the-tooth (but still our personal favorite) Treo 650 is now listed as “no longer available” on Palm’s website. If you try to select it, you’re prompted to have a look at Palm’s other smartphones, thank you very much.

Cingular, however, still lists the Treo 650 as being available, though still more expensive after rebates than its younger, stronger brother, the 680. So if you’ve been putting off that purchase, this is probably you’re last chance.

Or you could take your chances with a $50 Palm Trio 650, though the quality is questionable.

Palm Treo 650 Smartphone [(Former) Product Page]

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Cingular 8525, BlackJack now for sale

Hey you — yeah, you. Cingular 8525, you know the one, right? Ok, and the BlackJack? The i607? Right, those two hype HSDPA WinMo handsets are now officially for sale, $400 and $200, respectively, after two year contract (with unlimited data) and rebates. Just save some for the kids, ok? They’re tired of getting coal in their stockings because of your sick device addiction.

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Cingular to sell slim Samsung phone with keyboard

Cingular Wireless will sell a slim cell phone from Samsung Electronics with a computer-like keyboard and a music and video player, the No. 1 U.S. wireless service said Monday.

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Video: Samsung’s new 3G smart phone
CNET Senior Associate Editor Bonnie Cha takes a first look at Samsung’s BlackJack.

The phone is aimed at attracting both business and consumer customers.

The BlackJack, the latest device with both entertainment and business features such as e-mail, follows the footsteps of the “Q” phone from Motorola and the BlackBerry Pearl from Research In Motion, which both launched earlier this year.

Cingular, a venture of AT&T and BellSouth, said the phone, which runs software from Microsoft, would sell for $199 to customers who sign up for a two-year service plan.

The No. 2 U.S. mobile service, Verizon Wireless, owned by Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group, now sells the “Q” for $99 after a rebate.

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LEAKED? Treo 680/Cingular 8525 Pricing and Release


Treo 680
November 5th (not firm)
$424.99 w/o contract
$349 one year
$274.99 two year
Unlimited data plans take about $100 off the price (rebate).

Cingular 8525
October 29th (tomorrow??)
$559.99 w/o contract
$484.99 one year
$409.99 two year
Unlimited data plans take $50 off the price (rebate).

Anyone out there who works at Cingular feel like confirming/denying?

Powerpoint Presentation [via mobilitytoday]
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Motorola ROKR E6 Passes FCC, Linux Fanboys Throw Awkward High Fives


The Motorola ROKR E6, or E690 as the engineers call it, was just approved by the FCC, much to Linux fans’ delight. It will follow up older ROKR phones, possibly with iTunes capabilities, and will run Motorola’s Linux OS.

The phone will have a touchscreen instead of a keypad, and will be loaded with a 2-megapixel camera, FM transmitter, and stereo Bluetooth capabilities. The iTunes integration seems like a long shot, seeing as this runs Linux. But, it does have GSM capabilities, which means it may be in your Cingular-stained hands someday soon. If you’re looking for a break from the “me too” pretty, but low functionality thin phones, this may be the one for you.

FCC Filing [FCC via Crunchgear]