A2, the "Son of Concorde," is supersonic, green and sexy

via DVICE by Kevin Hall on 2/7/08


The tragic and only crash of a Concorde airliner, Air France Flight 4590, marked the end of supersonic travel for some and, at the very least, a colossal step backward for others. Well, if you thought The Future was pretty much never going to happen, a venture funded largely by the European Space Agency and the European Union may just be able to make you believe again. Check out the A2.

Being called the “Son of Concorde,” the plane will do everything its predecessor did, but better. It’s liquid hydrogen engines allow it to reach speeds of Mach 5, run cleaner than current jet engines, and it’ll be able to get 300 passengers from England to Australia in under five hours. The A2 is still as loud as any supersonic concept out there, so it’ll cruise just under Mach 1 until it’s out over unpopulated areas, and then hit the gas.

Via Daily Mail