Cube made of 512 LEDs does 3D with calculus, not glasses

via Engadget by Tim Stevens on 3/21/11

Cube made of 512 LEDs does glasses-free 3D for real (video)

No goofy active shutter glasses, no headache-inducing parallax barrier screens, no optical trickery here. This is a pure 3D display — unfortunately done at a resolution of just 8 x 8 x 8. It’s a hand-built LED cube created by Nick Schulze, powered by Arduino, and driven largely by Matlab. Yes, Matlab, an application you probably deleted less than three minutes after signing off on your calculus final. We can’t help you find that installation disc again, but we can encourage you to enjoy the video of this 3D matrix of blinkenlights after the break, and you can get the full details on how to build your own at the other end of that source link. 

NCC-1701 Pizza Cutter – Star Trek

via Gizmodo by Jason Chen on 9/21/10

NCC-1701 Pizza Cutter

Mozzarella: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Pizza-Prize. Its ten-second mission: to divide strange new pies, to cut new slices and new portions, to boldly separate where no cutter has gone before. *Cue music* [Think Geek]

This iPod dock makes your iPod appear to magically float

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adam Frucci on 8/3/10

This iPod dock makes your iPod appear to magically float

The Wireless Streaming Music Centre is like many iPod docks: it lets you plug your portable media player into it and acts as a large speaker for it. But its design sets it apart from the rest.

Time-Lapse Video – One Year in One Minute

Seasonal changes over a year in 60 seconds

Eirik Solheim has been diligently recording video clips of the same spot from his balcony that overlooks a beautiful park in Oslo, Norway.

He would shoot 30-second videos once every week throughout the year, thus capturing all the four seasons, and then compiled all these clips into a single time-lapse video. Thanks Steve.

Eirik made three versions of the video each recorded using a different camera lens. Here are the other two:

One year in 120 seconds

One year in 90 seconds

Also see: Time-Lapse Video of Manhattan Skyline

Finally, charcoal-broiled meatballs are possible

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 6/26/09
Finally, charcoal-broiled meatballs are possible

Summer’s here, and it’s time to fire up the grill. A newcomer to your sizzling fire pit could be meatballs, kept perfectly round, seared and smoked in this Meatball Grill Basket from Williams-Sonoma.

Notice the tiny holes around each of the dozen meatball compartments, letting those flames lap all around the circumference of each meatball, while letting that flavor-inducing grease drip out into the fire.

Might be well worth the 50 bucks just to get that coveted charcoal-broiled goodness in meatball form, which surely won’t be anything like mama used to make.

Williams-Sonoma, via Coolest Gadgets

Classy Bugatti Stratos is what mobsters will drive in 2099

via DVICE Atom Feed by Kevin Hall on 6/26/09
Classy Bugatti Stratos is what mobsters will drive in 2099

The Bugatti Stratos is a slick design by France’s Bruno Delussu, who was inspired by classic cars such as the Bugatti Type 57, Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Mille Miglia and locomotive designs by Raymond Loewy. Delussu wasn’t so interested in the technical aspects of those vehicles, however. He designed the Stratos to be a purely fantastical car that leans on its looks.

And lean on its looks it can. The end result, as you can see, is pretty impressive, affecting a retro air that’s still undoubtedly futuristic.

Hot Rod couch is one ridiculous piece of furniture

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adam Frucci on 5/14/09
Hot Rod couch is one ridiculous piece of furniture

This couch is, well, a one-of-a-kind object. It’s a hot rod couch, and it can be yours for a mere $45,000. What a deal!

Sure, there’s no way it’ll go with anything in your home, but come on, it’s so crazy looking! It sort of looks like a hot rod! Mixed with an uncomfortable couch! I’m sure this will sell in no time.

Body Check Ball tells the real story of your body’s condition

via DVICE Atom Feed by Charlie White on 5/14/09
Body Check Ball tells the real story of your body's condition

Scales don’t lie, but stepping on one doesn’t tell you the whole truth about the condition of your body. For a more accurate assessment, you’ll need this Body Check Ball to demonstrate to you in no uncertain terms the wages of your slothful sins.

Hold it in both hands, and it sends a weak current through you, measuring body fat, bone density and percentage of muscle. Then you can read ’em and weep on its LCD screen, tracking your progress — or lack thereof — from day to day.

Is this one of those devices that gives you too much information? Depending on your degree of fitness, that knowledge could be $39 worth of bragging rights or shame.

Japan Trend Shop, via Oh Gizmo

Transformers style truck converts into a train, runs on algae.

via DVICE Atom Feed by Michael Trei on 5/16/09
Transformers style truck converts into a train, runs on algae.

Trains are the most efficient way to move lots of big stuff over land, but the rail lines don’t always go to where the goods need to be. With a special combination wheel design that can quickly convert from rail to road use, the Chiron transporter looks like something Optimus Prime would use when moving house. But by eliminating the need to shift the container over to a truck for the final leg of its journey, the Chiron is designed to save a lot of time and energy. Continuing the green theme, the Chiron’s power is supposedly generated by an ‘algae fuel cell’, although no further information about how this wondrous power plant actually works is given. From the picture, it looks like the Chiron also works on good old fashioned electrified lines.

While I could come up with a host of practical problems including a lack of rear access for loading the container, you’ve got to admit that it looks pretty cool.

Lego Galactica Clusterfrak So Big It Can Probably Crush a Real Cylon Baseship

via Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz on 1/26/09

I’m fraking being blown away by the last episodes of Galactica, so when I saw this huge Lego clusterfrak of Colonial Vipers and Raptors, complete with a 13-foot BSG hangar, I had to post them.

Some of them are truly great, specially pink Viper and the Raptor with all the Colonial Marines, ready to kick Cylon minifig ass.

This Lego Galactica fest was made with the people below, members ChiefLUG. [Brothers Brick]