Microsoft Arc Mouse all dolled up, Asian style

via DVICE by Charlie White on 12/2/08


When we first saw this picture of three Microsoft Arc Mice all painted up like so much oriental pottery and interspersed with same, we thought someone had smashed an expensive bowlful of ginger roots. Not so. It’s a beautiful mouse, something we’d like to see more of.

This is a special edition of that $60 fold-up Arc Mouse we showed you a while ago, except Hong Kong design store Goods of Desire has turned it into a work of art. Take a look at another design from the same store, this one painted up with a whimsical mouse motif:



QK123, via Gizmodo

A router combined with a vase makes routers nice to look at

via DVICE by Adam Frucci on 11/21/08


We all have a lot of stuff cluttering our homes. You know, stuff that serves a purpose but doesn’t look too nice doing so. Like your router. It’s essentially a little plastic box with blinking lights. Sure, it’s very useful and you wouldn’t want to be without it, but couldn’t it look a little better?

That’s the idea behind this wireless router vase from Saudi Arabia based STC. It’s a fully functioning wireless router, but it also happens to be a pretty nice looking flower vase. As long as you’re willing to ignore the obvious issues with filling an electronic device with water, it’s a pretty slick looking object. What do you think, would you rather have this or a traditional router?

STC, via Dezeen

WiFi rabbit Nabaztag gets a makeover


via Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women by shipley on 9/8/08


Three years ago, we brought you news of the Nabaztag, the little WiFi rabbit from France which can read your emails to you, play music, give you the weather forecast and do all manner of magical things. Not to mention looking mighty cute.

Now the Nabaztag has more features than ever, including a little sniffy nose and a a navel (!) and oh yes, a cool new designer look. Or several. Nabaztag will be debuting some dandy new designs at Paris’ fashion week in October, before heading off to New York and Toyko. After all their travels, the new designer rabbits will be exhausted auctioned off for charity.

New Nabaztag is available at Dynamism.

Via Chip Chick.


An alarm clock that can turn on the lights — this is just trouble

via DVICE by Kevin Hall on 8/27/08


On the left you’ve got the Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock, and its buddy, Mood Lamp, to the right. After a short warning of its feet lighting up, the Alarm Clock will throw its mouth wide open and blare out one of three different noises to wake you up, beating its arms up and down if you aren’t roused in time. It isn’t all bad, though — it can play music and do a little dance to the tunes, too.

Mood Lamp is Alarm Clock’s more chill cousin. It has four different brightness settings depending on how you’re feeling. It will also dance to whatever music you’re playing, and respond to your touch in an animated way.

Alarm Clock is kind of a bad influence on Mood Lamp, though, as they can communicate with one another if they’re less than 15 feet apart. Alarm Clock can get Lamp to turn on as bright as it can and, mixed in with the noise, you’ve got two culprits to go after if you want to snooze.

RoomTech Beingz Alarm Clock & Mood Lamp, via 7 Gadgets

too asian @ pink berry?

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too asian @ pink berry?, originally uploaded by zxo2000.

If you been one of the very few to have been to Pink Berry, then you know exactly what this is.

A thing that i don’t know what it is but there it is. That store is full of cutesy things every where…

I just had to share one with you.