A Watch Made of E-Paper Can Be E-legant

via Gizmodo by Jason Chen on 12/17/08

French designer Julien Bergignat’s Tima Watch concept has an actual basis in reality, and is something you may actually wear to places more upscale than Red Lobster.

E-Ink watches have made it onto the market in one form or another, but they’re still not as good looking as this render from 2006. You get a digital representation of an analog face (neat) as well as a digital representation of a digital face. If this ever made it to market, we’d buy this for upwards of $200.

[Julien Bergignat via Fubiz via Dvice]

Conceptual artificial plant enables you to practice before slaying flora

via Engadget by Darren Murph on 5/2/08

C’mon, we know there are a few of you out there who couldn’t keep a potted plant alive if a botanist was holding your hand, but there’s hope for you all yet. At least, there is if QianJun Gao’s masterpiece ever makes it past the drawing board. This eloquently dubbed Practice Plant features a trio of “flowers” that display barometric readings and turn colors depending on status, and the surrounding leaves will droop to signify their need for attention. Thankfully, even the brownest of thumbs could always restart this puppy and try again, and with enough trial runs, maybe one day those hanging baskets wouldn’t sway out of your way as you waltz by.

[Via YankoDesign]

Oregon Scientific Tracker and Meteo watches track compass direction or predict weather

via DVICE by Charlie White on 4/28/08


If you’re looking to navigate the great outdoors, there’s nothing better to have on your wrist than a GPS watch. But what if you don’t have a spare $300 in your wallet? The Tracker Digital Compass Watch from Oregon Scientific is the next best thing at less than a quarter the price ($69.99).

It’s not like strapping a refrigerator to your wrist like a GPS watch, either — it’s small enough for even girly arms to wear. It’s even water resistant down to 96 feet, so you can find your way in those underwater caves you can’t stop exploring. Not cool enough for you? Hit continue for Meteo, a watch like this but wise to the weather rather than direction.


In case you can’t predict weather trends with that sore toe of yours, the identically priced ($69.99) Meteo keeps track of the weather for you, predicting the likelihood of sunny, cloudy, or rainy days right there on your wrist with its built-in barometer. We’d like to see Oregon Scientific combine these two watches’ functions into one, for a great, lower-cost campers’ convenience.

Via Oregon Scientific (Tracker or Meteo watches)

A first look at Mobile Firefox

via Download Squad by Simon Kerbel on 1/25/08

Mozilla has just revealed a first look at its new Mobile Firefox interface. Actually, Mozilla has designed two UI’s: one for touch screen devices, like most PDA’s, smart phones (and the iPhone, of course), and one for non-touch devices, like most cell phones.

The Firefox mobile browser takes some hints from Apple’s own mobile Safari browser, with the main Firefox screen reproducing some familiar buttons: back and forward navigation arrows, a bookmarks button, a retractable address bar.

The mobile Firefox UI does include a few new buttons/features: the zoom in and zoom out buttons reside on the bottom toolbar (though we’re not sure why they don’t use the touch screen itself for zooming in and out). The tabs button gives users a different look than in Safari mobile: when pressed, it displays up to four tab previews on the same screen for quick tab switching.

Firefox mobile browser will likely be integrated with Places (Firefox’s new bookmark-like scheme) and the newly introduced Weave.

[via Cybernet.com]