A Watch Made of E-Paper Can Be E-legant

via Gizmodo by Jason Chen on 12/17/08

French designer Julien Bergignat’s Tima Watch concept has an actual basis in reality, and is something you may actually wear to places more upscale than Red Lobster.

E-Ink watches have made it onto the market in one form or another, but they’re still not as good looking as this render from 2006. You get a digital representation of an analog face (neat) as well as a digital representation of a digital face. If this ever made it to market, we’d buy this for upwards of $200.

[Julien Bergignat via Fubiz via Dvice]

Synchronized LED Light Show For Audio Players


Vivify your Saturday night recreational drug use parties with LEDs and (pirated) MP3s. Once connected to an external audio source, Hammacher Schlemmer’s Dancing Light MP3 Synchronizer puts on a light show rivaled only by Gatecrasher. The cylinder spins ’round and ’round, beaming onto a nearby wall or ceiling spectacular patterns and colors, all in sync with whatever music you choose to groove to. Glowsticks and sugar cubes not included.

Dancing Light MP3 Synchronizer
[Hammacher Schlemmer via I4U News]

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Toast automatica gives breakfast bread a new flair

Sure, toasters have gotten bigger, more colorful, and more likely to burn down your house since its conception, but unlike refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves, this cooking utensil just hasn’t gotten much attention over the years. Enter George Watson, a clever design guru with an engineering heart, who has crafted the best thing since sliced toasted bread, the Toast Automatica, or toasta for short. This primarily white ceramic toast cooker boasts a simplified design, a single-feed toaster, and a V-shaped rack to hold the toast for use on the kitchen table. Twin hot plates heat the bread as the motorized unit pulls it through, and a handy button on the front increases or decreases the speed in which it passes — you know, to satisfy those who like it warm, and those who like it black. Mr. Watson’s invention looks to be part of a design competition, thus we’re not exactly sure if GE or Kitchen-Aid has contacted him regarding a deal, but hopefully we’ll soon see these things replacing those antiquated versions we’re all forced to deal with now.

[Via BoingBoing]

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