Reveal your inner secrets with a DNA Mini Portrait

via DVICE by Michael Trei on 11/28/08


A skilled portrait photographer can capture the inner soul of their subject via the camera lens, but nothing can show your true inner workings quite like an actual image of your own DNA. A small company called DNA11 will create a portrait using your DNA, which can be colored to match your decor, and mounted in a glass frame. After you place an order, DNA11 sends out a kit that includes swabs to extract a DNA sample from your cheek. Return it in the provided envelope, and 4-6 weeks later your framed DNA portrait arrives in the mail.

DNA11 has been selling their larger DNA portraits for a while now, but the new 8″x10″ Mini Portraits are just as cool, and much more affordable at $169. That’s even cheaper than a kit we looked at that doesn’t even give you the fancy picture.

DNA 11, via Coolest Gadgets