eBooks Are Now Overtaking All Other Formats

via Gizmodo by Kwame Opam on 4/16/11

It’s starting to get a little frustrating when people ask whether or not they should get an eReader. Yes. If sales are any indication, whether you opt for a Kindle, Nook, or even your iPhone, ebooks are officially the present.
The Association of American Publishers is reporting that ebooks outsold their print counterparts in February, with sales coming out to more than $90 million. That comes a month after Amazon reported that Kindle ebooks were outdoing paperbacks. Paperbacks sold $81.2 million last month.
It should be noted, however, that the report isn’t definite. Andi Sporkin, spokeswoman for the AAP, told CNN that the findings don’t account for every book sold as some publishers may choose to not submit their numbers. What’s more, they do admit that the numbers are coming out of the Christmas season. However, 202% growth in any medium can be used as a barometer for what’s going on right now.
[CNN Money via AAP]

Alex Reader Hands-On Lusty Pictures

via Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz on 11/4/09

There was a lousy video, but coming from the generation that had crushes on girls with staples on their belly buttons, I prefer these glossy pictures of the Alex Reader. And I don’t mind its extra thickness.

Maximum PC got their hands on one, and liked it very much, from the capacitative screen—running Android—that can play video to the onscreen keyboard. The only thing they didn’t like is that it is thicker than Kindle. Who cares about a few millimeters when you get more usability in return? I don’t. And I like them curvy.

[Maximum PC]