Cell phones killing bees with extreme prejudice


You think you’re so cool, walking around with a cell phone, being able to call whoever you want from wherever you are at any time. Yeah, we’re all soooo impressed. Well, Mr. Smartypants, did you ever think of how your behavior was affecting the bees? Yes, bees, the insects that bring us delicious treats such as honey. Ever think of them? I didn’t think so. God, you’re so selfish.

Well, it turns out that your rampant case of chatty-cathyitis has some bad sidekicks in the bee world, with cell-phone signals being blamed for a widespread case of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). That means that phone signals have been screwing up bees’ built-in radar, confusing them and making it so they can’t get back to the hive. In many parts of the country, bee populations have plummeted by up to 70%. That sucks. Let’s get some bee shields available for our phones, stat!

Independent, via Crave

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