Gamer Tries to Build Nuclear Reactor at Home, FBI Came Around to Play

via Gizmodo by Kit Eaton on 1/18/08

Nuclear150_screen.jpgIt’s one thing to promise personal nuclear power if you’re a big company, but the FBI and Nuclear-related powers-that-be don’t like it if you try to build your own reactor at homeā€”as an anonymous chap from Texas found out recently. Apparently bored of his amateur game-building hobby, he decided to try to make a small-scale nuclear reaction in his room, blogging his antics on the web.

Someone blew the whistle on him when he made claims about uranium and doubling the normal background radiation count in his room, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission raided his home. He won’t be getting his Darwin Award or even arrested, though, since the Feds didn’t find anything dangerous.

They did take away his toy though, embarrassingly because his parents asked them to. Defending his experiment in an interview he argued “People do it in universities all the time, it’s just not usual that somebody does it outside of a university”, which is pretty true, after all. Apparently the people of Rockwall are safe for now, since the nuclear whizz-kid plans to “keep it cool for a while” and not do any more experiments. Stick to the games mate, is our advice. Virtual nuclear explosions aren’t quite so messy.

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