Cosmetics maker develops facial-spray ‘shield’ for cell-phone radiation


I don’t know if anyone’s still freaked out by cell-phone radiation, but if you think that cancer cluster emerging in your neighborhood is caused by everyone’s shiny new KRZRs, French cosmetics maker Clarins wants to put your mind at ease. Well, your skin, anyway. Next year, the company has plans to release a facial spray that acts as a chemical shield against those supposedly harmful emanations from gadgets like mobile phones and laptops.

To help counteract the deleterious effects of electromagnetic radiation on skin, the spray contains “molecules derived from microorganisms living near undersea volcanoes and from plants which survive in extreme conditions such as alongside motorways and in Siberia.” Whether or not it actually works, that just sounds way cool. You’ll be able to pick up the Discovery Channel-in-a-bottle concoction for $50 in January.

Ministry of Tech, via Tech Ticker