Bulb Solar Lamp glows when the sun doesn’t

via DVICE by Peter Pachal on 4/21/08


A light bulb that runs on solar power? Not quite… the Bulb Solar Lamp is more of a bulb-shaped nightlight that glows in the dark. Not people who would tolerate their idea being thwarted by the simple fact that anything shaped like a light bulb would have trouble standing up, the lamp’s designers encased the Bulb Solar Lamp in a block of solid transparent material. You’ve got to respect such tenacity, especially since it lets you put the thing pretty much anywhere in your house.

The $48 price is pretty ridic, but for a green-themed novelty gift you could do a lot worse. The site says it’ll be out of stock for a few weeks, so you unfortunately won’t be able to get one in time for mom. It’s more of a dad gift anyway.

Via Chiasso

The world’s first positive energy building

via DVICE by Adam Frucci on 3/6/08


While most eco-friendly buildings try to cut down or supplement their power consumption, there have yet to be any buildings that go so far as to generate more power than they consume. Not so with the Masdar Headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the world’s first positive energy building. It will even generate power for its own assembly, as the first thing to go up will be a solar roof pier that’ll gather juice as the rest of the structure goes up.

Costing $300 million to construct and sporting 1.3 million square feet of space, the building will be the centerpiece of the eco-friendly Masdar City, which is a $22 billion development outside of Abu Dhabi. The techniques it uses are pretty radical, but hopefully we’ll see more positive energy buildings sprouting up soon enough.

Project Page, via Inhabitat