Convert your dirtbike into a snowmobile for fun and profit

via DVICE by Adam Frucci on 2/5/09


What do you do when you want to ride your dirtbike in winter, when dirt is covered with snow? You could either stick to the pavement like a wussbag, or you could take matters into your own hands and convert your dirtbike into a snowmobile.

The RadiX Kit does just that, swapping out your wheels for tracks that give you the traction you need on snow. You’ll be able to ride around year-round, whizzing past people on traditional snowmobiles and adding an extra amount of danger to your winter sports.

2moto, via Oh Gizmo!

USB Plasma Heart spectacularly displays your love

via DVICE by Peter Pachal on 2/5/09


Is there a love burning so deep inside you that you feel the need to express it in the most ostentatious way possible? Look no further than this USB Plasma Heart from Brando.

Set this up beside your computer and it’ll serve as a constant reminder of the flames of desire that consume your heart like an inferno that can never be quenched. Your coworkers’ comments of “Oh, one of those plasma balls. Neat,” may not capture the depth of your torturous emotions, but when you touch the surface — and the pulses from the center erupt to meet your fingertip — you’ll know that the $17 you spent bought a priceless window into your soul. More importantly… she’ll know.

Brando, via Gizmodo

Gears replica Lancer get priced and pre-order’able

via Xbox 360 Fanboy by Dustin Burg on 7/9/08

Hopefully you’ve saved up enough weekly allowance or have been busy collecting aluminum cans, because it’s time to cash in and put your hard earned money towards those long awaited Gears of War replicas.

Available for pre-order from TriForce Sales is a lifesize, three foot long, fifteen pound, blood stained and wicked “badass” Gears of War Lancer replica. And it’s only $949.99. If weapons are too NRA for you, you can plop down your $549.99 in pre-order cash on a twenty pound Locust Drone bust that comes complete with stand, a fleshy gray coat of paint and a smattering of glistening drool. Both products will be shipping sometime during Q4 2008. But, as you can see, TriForce isn’t offering up any COG armor like they originally promised. Maybe it was too expensive to develop or maybe they’re still perfecting the look. Yeah, they must be perfecting the look. View all the photographic goods below.

[Via TeamXbox]

iPhone Display Needs to Reboot, Runs Windows XP
Windows-iPhone.jpgHey PC fanboys, now you can use this shot of a Windows XP display at an AT&T store when those smug Mac worshipers tell you about how such-and-such Zune commercial was made on a Mac, and how “all media types and artists” use Macs. Windows runs the world, baby.

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Record Breaking Saturday

cherry trees by atomische

Holy crap it’s warm out there! Today is, by far, New York’s warmest January 6th since records began. The only question now is whether we will reach 73 degrees to become the city’s warmest January day ever. With winds out of the southwest and slightly drier air arriving over the last couple of hours we may do it.

The local media are having a field day with the wacky weather. Bicycle Habitat in SoHo had record sales last month, Il Laboratorio del Gelato has stocked up so they won’t run out of delicious frozen treats. Ski resorts hate the warmth and lack of snow. The Times reports that the Department of Transportation filled 17,357 potholes last month. That’s 25 percent less than the 22,685 potholes filled in December 2005!

Extreme warmth like this doesn’t last too long in January. You’ve got the rest of the day to enjoy the mid-May weather! Tomorrow will be much cooler. Our high will only be in the lower-50s, which is still way warmer than normal. Rain arrives late tomorrow night and we may cool to near-normal temperatures by mid-week.

Cherry trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden from