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Record Breaking Saturday

cherry trees by atomische

Holy crap it’s warm out there! Today is, by far, New York’s warmest January 6th since records began. The only question now is whether we will reach 73 degrees to become the city’s warmest January day ever. With winds out of the southwest and slightly drier air arriving over the last couple of hours we may do it.

The local media are having a field day with the wacky weather. Bicycle Habitat in SoHo had record sales last month, Il Laboratorio del Gelato has stocked up so they won’t run out of delicious frozen treats. Ski resorts hate the warmth and lack of snow. The Times reports that the Department of Transportation filled 17,357 potholes last month. That’s 25 percent less than the 22,685 potholes filled in December 2005!

Extreme warmth like this doesn’t last too long in January. You’ve got the rest of the day to enjoy the mid-May weather! Tomorrow will be much cooler. Our high will only be in the lower-50s, which is still way warmer than normal. Rain arrives late tomorrow night and we may cool to near-normal temperatures by mid-week.

Cherry trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden from

LiteCubes for Colorful Quaffing


Here’s a accessory that could prove to be a fine enhancement to the upcoming holiday festivities: LiteCubes that light up your drink like a Christmas tree and have a gel center that you can freeze, cooling off that drink in cool style. They’re available in a variety of colors, each with an LED and battery embedded inside. Some of the LiteCubes, such as the green, blue, white and pink ones, required two batteries inside, rather than a single battery of the red, orange or gold ones.

These aren’t exactly new, but this is a good time to remind you of their existence—we especially like the Rainbow LiteCubes that can be set to different colors, glowing constantly or going into a discotastic color-changing mode. They’re $2.54 each, or $119.52 for a package of 48.

Product Page [Cube Lady, via Shiny Shiny]

USB Aquarium Gets Bigger, Prettier


I am happy to report this is not a post about that wretched PS3, rather it is a post about a super-fun, awesome USB Aquarium. We’ve seen them in the past, but this one is a bit better because it is twice as large and well over twice as pretty. The aquariums are available in four different themes: Winter Wonderland, Xmas Paradise, Framed Aquarium and Undersea Volcano (since when can fish live around volcanoes?). If my interpretation is correct, these fake USB fishtanks go for 2,980 Yen, or approximately $25. The best thing of all—it’s not a freaking PS3.