Dead Space engine being primed as middleware tool

via Joystiq by Ross Miller on 9/9/08

The development team working on Dead Space is hoping its engine becomes a new middleware tool in the vein of Unreal Engine and id Tech. Speaking with Gameplayer, Executive Producer Glen Schofield said the company is in the process of working with lawyers to figure out the legalese for officially naming the engine, which was originally used for The Godfather and From Russia with Love.

It’s unclear if the intention is to use the engine in-house for EA or market it to other developers for licensing, although according to the article Schofield cited the success of Unreal Engine 3 and how other studios have contributed to its success by adding more technology. Dead Space’s engine, which we’d suggest be called simply “Dead Engine,” is currently being used for Godfather 2. Dead Space will try to administer a dose of the heebie jeebies (to most places) on October 14.