Netflix details PS3 disc distribution for November, ‘confident’ it’ll have ample supply

via Joystiq [PlayStation] by Alexander Sliwinski on 10/28/09

Netflix is confident that it will have ample supply in November for every PS3 user who requests a disc for its recently announced streaming service. Speaking with Joystiq, Netflix Vice President of Corporate Communications Steve Swasey wouldn’t disclose the number of reservations the company has received for the free PS3 Netflix disc since the company announced the program on Monday, but did emphasize, “We’re confident we’ve produced enough discs.” Distribution centers apparently already have the units.

Swasey told us that the company is still hammering out the distribution details, but the plan is to send out a press release sometime in November announcing that the discs have shipped. Customers should receive the red envelope in about the same time it usually takes for a Netflix shipment to reach them. He expressed that “there’s no VIP list or special circumstance list,” so everyone should be receiving it around the same time.

Asked if there were any points he’d like to clarify about the recent announcement, Swasey told us that the disc was the best solution currently available in getting PS3 users the Netflix service, downplaying the need to always have disc in the tray. “They put the disc in whenever they play a game.” When pushed on why an integrated solution wasn’t implemented, he said, “We haven’t given any reason. The key thing here … it’s very easy and no different than playing a video game. We’ll have an update in time.” The integrated solution is expected in late 2010.

Netflix doesn’t like to discuss HD content in nitty gritty detail yet, but confirmed that the PS3 will have a similar offering to the Xbox 360, which outputs 720p and stereo sound.

Keep an eye out for an announcement in November for when the discs ship, then put that eye back in when the disc arrives. You’ll need both to appreciate those episodes of Dexter.

Netflix Streaming Coming to Wii Next, Naturally

via Gizmodo by matt buchanan on 10/28/09

Netflix is finally, officially about to hit the PS3, leaving the Wii as the odd console out. Well, besides past hints and the whole “duh” aspect, StreamingMedia swears that the Wii is next, and has seen pitchas to prove it.

Of course, those pictures can’t shared in order to protect they’re source, and what’s more, they’re hearing that “Nintendo originally planned to bring the Netflix service to the Wii before the end of this year” but they’re “also considering holding off on the Netflix service until they release their next generation Wii HD unit in early 2010.” So, uh, just keeping your breath on that one.

[Streaming Media via Engadget]

12 things you didn’t know about the PS3 Slim

The PS3 Slim has been at the eye of a massive rumor storm for months, but now that Sony has finally made it official it’s time to bring the facts. By now you probably know the general specs – it includes a 120GB HDD, it’s $300/€300, it’s out September 1st, and it’s, well, slimmer – but no self-respecting, hardware-obsessing, early-adopting gamer would stop there. Read on to snag twelve of the PS3 Slim’s most overlooked details and you’ll know more than the next guy when it’s released next month.

1. It’s not actually called the “PS3 Slim” – it’s just the PS3 or the PlayStation 3. It is a new PS3 for sure, but nowhere on the box or in the documentation will you see the words “PS3” and “Slim” next to each other. Nevertheless, we’ll keep calling it the “PS3 Slim” for the sake of convenience.

2. The logo is beautifully etched into the machine (above), and not only that, the old branding is gone for good – no more tacky Spider-Man font! No more PLAYSTATION 3, either – Sony decided to stop yelling at us with every press release and just call it the “PlayStation 3.” Much better.

3. It has buttons! Those weird, touch-sensitive non-buttons are gone, and they’ve been replaced with that wonderful, tactile CLICK that only real buttons can deliver.

4. This is what the new ad campaign looks like:

5. It’s smaller, but not in every way. It’s thinner and lighter, but as you can see in the comparison below, it’s a bit longer from the rear to the front. They had to fit all those graphics in there somehow.

6. It’s quieter! With power consumption two-thirds what it was, there’s a lot less fan-blowing and a lot more sweet serenity.

7. It only comes with composite cables. Yes, composite. Not even component, and definitely no HDMI.

8. If you have a Bravia TV and you hook up your new PS3 with an HDMI cable (…not included), you can operate the PS3’s media bar with your TV’s remote – you can even set it to turn the system off when you turn the TV off.

9. The hard drive IS removable – though it doesn’t initially appear to be. There’s a little hole by the drive bay which contains a screw that holds the HDD in place. Pop that open, unscrew it, and you’re in business.

10. It’s not backwards compatible with the PS2, but it might work with some PSX games. That’s right, the PS3 Slim cannot play PlayStation 2 games, but some PlayStation games will work. The only appropriate response to this statement is “lol wut?”

11. It has a tiny stand-by light. Look how cute it is:

12. The games advertised on the back of the box are: inFAMOUS, Madden NFL 10, Tekken 6, MAG, and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Does that tell us anything? Not really, but it is something you probably didn’t know.

C-c-c-combo breaker: Bonus facts!

We couldn’t possibly stop at just twelve things when there’s so much to say. What, you thought we could only make numbered lists of things? Well numbers can suck it – here are a few more things we noticed about Sony’s new product.

If you want to stand it vertically, you can buy a stand separately.

The big power switch on the back is gone – but that’s about the only thing different about the layout of the system’s rear.

Xbox 360 Pro missing from new Elite packaging

via Joystiq [Xbox] by Richard Mitchell on 8/24/09

The lifespan of the Xbox 360 Pro looks to be dwindling every day. First, the SKU disappeared from the comparison chart on the Xbox 360 Arcade packaging, and now it looks like the same change has occurred on the Xbox 360 Elite box. Perhaps even more significant is that the Elite has abandoned its traditional (and super 1337) gray packaging for white. White, as it happens, is also the color of Xbox 360 Pro packaging. Coincidence, or proof that the Pro is on its last legs?

One final bit of (somewhat depressing) evidence, the Elite box states that it only includes standard A/V cables. No component, no HDMI, just plain vanilla A/V. In fact, the only features separating the Elite from the Arcade are a headset, an Ethernet cable and the 120GB hard drive. Even assuming the Elite drops to $299, that’s not a lot of extras beyond the $199 Arcade model. At least Canada gets Halo 3 and a wireless adapter to make the deal a little sweeter.

Swiss outs Mass Effect ‘Pinnacle Station’ DLC

via Joystiq by David Hinkle on 8/24/09

Remember when those Achievements for Mass Effect showed up online — you know, these ones that mention Pinnacle Station? Well, the Swiss has offered up new details, pricing the DLC at 400 ($5) and billing it as a series of battle scenarios lasting around “2-3 hours.” The Swiss listing says the DLC has been available since June 16, an obvious error.

So, Bioware, EA, would you just officially announce Pinnacle Station already?

[Via Eurogamer]

Can’t Login to MSN Messenger on Xbox 360 NXE but could 48 hours ago – anyone else experiencing this? (3 months now)

I am experiencing an issue with my MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) not connecting when i connect with my Xbox Live ID on my 360.

I am able to login with my MSN Messenger on my computer in the same LAN, and i was able to connect to my MSN Messenger on my Xbox 360 XNE just 48 hours ago, but starting yesterday, every time i login, my auto MSN Messenger [as well as manually] login i got the message “can’t connect to messenger”.

I have a Xbox Live Service Request # 110-696-0357 (and now a second # 110-700-3596), but i thought i would post here and see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

Additionally, i was not experiencing this problem jut two day ago on my 360. I did not make any modifications to my Windows Live ID account (Windows Live Messenger or Xbox 360) such as password change or anything.

Nothing has changed.

Additionally, when contacting Xbox Live support, i have been hang-up on, given the runaround by support agents that does not know what they are really doing and even been hung up when asked to be transferred to their supervisors.

As most of you Microsoft/Xbox users know, this is very a-typical of Xbox customer behavior and it is simply, in my opinion it is offensive, appalling and intolerable. I am dismayed that this kind of ongoing customer service behavior is still common practice at Xbox Hardware/Live support and most of all i am alarmed at the little interest support personnel actually devotes to do what they are actually supposed to be doing. Helping, assisting, improve & encourage customers and in turn push brand loyalty. None of these things are happening, when all they do is read from a script on their monitors and on the most timely, rapid fashion move on to the next, like an assembly-line.

I know this, because i felt this. Still my issue goes not resolved. With a promised of a higher-end technician to contact me on my home phone given to me today, i will not be sitting by the phone. As previous experiences have tough me, just like a 3 year old little girl waiting for her boyfriend to call which will never will but endlessly holds on to hope; but he never does. (just as with that, it will never happens [sad face for us both]). Still no one really cares. Not Microsoft, not Xbox… They certainly don’t care about their customers who spend Billions on their products, even the ones still under warranty.

Maybe i will sit by the little girl waiting by the phone… I know that at this moment, i have more in common with her then any other; waiting for a call that will never come. Holding on to hope, where there is none!

Reference to this post to contact Microsoft directly.



  1. 2009-09-14 (17:15 hours) – XBOX Live Service Center is of no help. They ave given me additional run around and promised me that a higher tier tech agent would contact me withing the next 48 hours at my home telephone number (which i then provided). Additionally, i was instructed to email (contact) the Windows Live Messenger support team directly, for they might have better luck at troubleshooting the issue then the XBOX Live Service Center. Which by this time is unable to assist me any further. Please note that this is a supervisor that i am speaking to at the time.
  2. I send out an email to the WLM support team (which is not easy to find any more btw), only to get an automated reply. Got that fix and got an actual response by the evening hours of 09/14, only to have them direct me back to Xbox live Service Center. I kindly replied to the email and asked for someone, somewhere to take ownership of the issue, for the people at Xbox Support will only re-direct me back to them. I also CC’s “Steve Ballmer, CEO” & “Bill Gates” on that email as well as another contact i have at Microsoft which i dealt in the past with somewhat related issues. Maybe that will get the support representative’s attention. I did however email my issue to all 3 individuals earlier today, following it up with a phone call to each office and posted my blog post and reference URL on a bunch on gaming sites. Now all i have to do is wait. I know that Mr. Ballmer is traveling and not in his office and Mr. Gates is at a conference. So a 24 hour response window is much better then never getting a reply from Xbox Support at all.
  3. 2009-7-30 (13:30 hours) – So Derrick from Xbox Corporate Xbox Escalation Team returned my call today (i had left him a voice mail the the night before around 20:03 hours, just 3 min after his shift ended. We did make allot of progress in the 3 previous phone calls that we had the the previous week in regards to my issue, all of which left me mad, and ill-content. THE BOTTOM LINE; as we stands right now, i had to create an second Game Tag (in my case i simply used one of the old ones i created for a similar issue i had nearly 2 years ago. On his suggestion (which i heavily opposed, knowing the outcome would be this), i changed to Windows Live ID associated with my primary Xbox 360 hardware. The purpose of this was to see if Windows Live Messenger would work after the change (but the catch is that i would have to wait a month (yes, 30 days to be able to change it back), of course it did! The next step was to associate the original Window Live Messenger ID (the one that i am having issues with), with that second Xbox Live Game Tag which i just created (in this case which i already had. So i did, and it did not work. Conforming what i already knew and had informed Derrick, that the issue was with my Windows Live Messenger account. So he forwarded the issue on the the WLM programming team and we are waiting for a response as to what is the maxim number of contact that you can have as ‘friends’ on contacts on your buddy list. As i tried to explain to the teck, the i did come across the same issue in the past, (it’s the same issue as i had before) the Xbox 360 is not able to handle the seer number of contacts in my WLM contact list. Apparently, this all happened when Windows Live Spaces imported all of my Facebook contacts on to WLM network and Messenger basically adding about 1,000 or so new contacts to my WLM. Now know this, i already have nearly 1,700 WLM contact on my WLM to begin with. Since it’s used for family, friends, blogging AND work. But he seems to be very impatient when speaking with me and always in a hurry. I guess i would be too when talking with someone that know more about my job and about what is going on then i do too. I know the steps that needs to be taken to correct this; it’s the same steps that were taken the last time this issue occurred with me. WLM for the Xbox 360 needs to raise it’s capacity. Specially now that Windows Live Spaces gives it’s users the ability to connect and/or import Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, LinkedIN, Tagged & Windows Live. NOW; i just got several emails from readers of the site, and calls from friends of mine who are now experiencing the same exact issue that i am. I explained this to Derrick today, also the fact the the front end support team at 800-XBOX is not equipped to provide adequate support to this issue. And since Windows spaces is now providing it’s users the ability literal import their entire contact list onto their network/WLM, any Xbox 360 user will now face the same issue. So this really need to be re-prioritized before they are inundated with calls and be acting instead of reacting. But my pleas as always falls on the ears of those that who really don’t care.
  4. Just imagine a user, seeing this feature and deciding to connect to their Myspace account. Now you know that most people have about 10,000+ friends and more on their Myspace. After the import process, their WLM (MSN Messenger) would all of a sudden have anywhere between 5,000 to 15,000 new contacts (after the other users accept them over the follow days and month). The primary user would not even be aware of the HUGE influx of “friends” to their WLM. And the next time they login to Xbox 360, the 360 WLM client crashes just like mine because it can’t handle the influx of 5,000+ new contacts. I don’t know about you, but this is definitely a issue since ALL Windows Live IDs are tied in from Xbox Live, Windows Live, Zune Marketplace, Microsoft Marketplace, Windows Live Spaces, etc… what do you thing?…
  5. 2009-08-03 (03:00) – Still waiting for a reply from Microsoft. Did email Microsoft Headwaters again on the issue hoping it might expedited the WLM team a little but that was Friday. I might hear something back early next week.
  6. 2009-11-14 (02:25) – I finally got a responce from Microsoft a while back, and basically was told that there is nothing they could do. After working back and forth with the programming team with the Windows Live Messenger, Xbox 360 Live and the programmers in between there is nothing no one could do. They refused to exchange the hardware to try to see if that would fix the issue so after all this time I can’t login to my WLM account using my Xbox 360 Live account. Additionally I did find out that the WLM on the Xbox 360 can only handle 1000 contacts as per the programming team specifications on the Xbox. However, the total number of contacts on my contact list was well bellow that. They were unable to explain why i was/am unable to login to my WLM account thru my Xbox 360 Live… So I was told “Sorry, there is nothing we can do. This functionality is not functional for your system!” #&*#E*& Microsoft!

What the hell do i do now?

Just to keep you posted my TMP case ID for this is “11-07-11-71-55” – sorry i can not give you direct contact info as to the particular contact info on my articular case.

See if this link works for you. – this is the URL for where you can find the import tool on WINDOWS LIVE -> ADD PEOPLE

I will keep you posted.
And PS, i am still experiencing the issue where as Xbox Live Support told me to “Wait a hour and try again!”

And PSS, i am still unable to logon to my original Windows Live ID (MSN Messenger) using my Xbox 360 Game Tag (the alternative one).

Still waiting for a resolution.


I know i venting here, but i needed to post this so someone other then a computer would read it. I have no idea if anyone as unhappy as i am with this but i sure am.

I emailed Sony today, and let them know. At least i vented
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Human Resources
919 East Hillsdale Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Foster City, CA 94404

To whom it may concern,

I originally purchased my PSP system during launch v.PSP1001 and have used it and been have happy with it all this time thru the numerous systems software upgrades that have added additional software functionality to my system allowing me to further enhance the unit singnificantly.

However; over his past week, i have been trying to install Skype onto my init after seeing many of my friends and colleges using the software on their units. To my complete disatisfaction and shock, Skype and a number of functionality is not available to version 1000 systems. The launch systems. The system that i have is version # 1001.

Skype and many other ‘enhanced’ software upgrades, are available on system hardware version # 2000 / 3000 (the newer, slimmer, cheaper, better) version of the PSP but not on the version #1000 (the original, more expensive, thicker, early adopter, Sony loyal) users such as myself.

I must say that i find this very disturbing, and borderline insulting specially as a user who did dish out near $300 for the original unit (with tax) on launch day. Only to find that the newer, cheaper unit, ($199) is so much better is Sony has completely neglected the original user base who made the PSP what it is today by spending so much money on the system, by trusting in Sony Corporation and it’s products and now being left, forgotten, made obsolete with a system that still is not!

How insulting it is that NO effort was made to make the original v1000 hardware system fully compatible with all other software that has come since is truly an abomination and a kick to the face of all those users who trusted in Sony Corporation. I am dismayed that my unit is not functional as all other units are even as it stands in perfectly working order.

All efforts should have been made to make all PSP hardware version fully compatible with all software to be approved for the PSP system. No exceptions. How you can allow this is truly and slap in the face across all those hundreds of thousands of customers that have purchased the original unit. With Sony Corporation basically saying “Go out and buy a new PSP and throw away the old one, it’s no good no more. Pollute the environment!”

You should make all units fully compatible with everything immediately, or exchange v1000 hardware version to support you own current standers.

I am sure not to even get a response to this, but i voice my opinion… and you KNOW that theres ONE customer who is NOT a happy customer with you today.

You may contact me if you would like. You can use the email on the top of this blog, i will be sure to get it.