Google Phone coming?

Is Google entering the crowded cell phone market? That’s what the rumors say, and this might just be what it’s going to look like. Supposedly, the “GPhone” will be manufactured by Samsung with Google branding (much like Helio’s phones). It’s said to come loaded with all of Google’s services, such as Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger, et cetera. In addition, it will supposedly have a QWERTY keyboard, a 2-megapixel camera, WiFi, and 3G web connectivity.

What’s especially exciting about the potential of a Google phone is that reports state that the big G will shy away from forcing users to choose one wireless carrier, instead allowing for people to buy the phone and then use it with the carrier of their choice. This is the route we wished Apple had taken with their iPhone, and it has the potential to do wonders for the domestic cellular industry.