This iPod dock makes your iPod appear to magically float

via DVICE Atom Feed by Adam Frucci on 8/3/10

This iPod dock makes your iPod appear to magically float

The Wireless Streaming Music Centre is like many iPod docks: it lets you plug your portable media player into it and acts as a large speaker for it. But its design sets it apart from the rest.

First Look at New iPod Nano Interface?

via Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz on 9/9/08

We have received these two images of the iPod nano showing a new interface. They look like Apple’s own product illustrations and the iPod itself looks like the unconfirmed leaked picture, but of course we don’t know if they are real or not. They are so polished and we like them so much that we hope they are real, but for now, they are just a couple of images out of nowhere. Check the playback screen after the jump and tell us what you think


We will see what happens in a few hours. Remember our first rules about rumors and leaks: never trust them, even when they seem like the real McCoy.

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Zune Gets a Heart; Still Seeking Backbone

Just so everyone knows. I am kinda sick of my iPod dying around 2 years after buying it. The worst part is that several of my friends iPods died at the same time. All of course were purchase around the same time.

So i can say that i decided to switch, and for my b-day, which just two day after Valentines and got a Red Zune.

Lets hope it does not die in 2 years… But do i really need 80 GB?

via The Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein on 1/18/08

AT&T’s LG Shine isn’t the only thing going red for Valentine’s Day this year. Microsoft’s recent Apple rip-off TV commercials seemed to be a bit of a Band-Aid approach to marketing its Zune PMP. Pehaps this is part of the Washington wonder’s game plan however, as they announced earlier this week that the 80GB Zune would be available in a lovely shade of red for Valentine’s Day. Available for a limited time through Microsoft’s Zune Originals website, the red Zune’s price tag remains unaffected at $250. Zune Originals also allows buyers to choose from 20 new VDay-related designs that can be laser-etched onto the back of the player. Customers can even download a variety of lovey-dovey tracks that can be shared Zune to Zune or via the Zune SoNet. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into their Valentine’s Day offering this year and hopefully by taking advantage of it, you’ll be one step closer to getting exactly what you want for Vday.

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iPod Nano Spy Shots Confirmed as Real by Apple Legal

Apple Legal has asked Gizmodo to take down the iPod nano spy shots from earlier today because they are their “intellectual property.” Out of respect for The Steve, they complied. This pretty much confirms they belong to Apple, whether they are final or a prototype.

20 strange iPod stories

The Armor stopped the bullet. Kevin didn't know he was shot. The iPod was how he found out.

Here’s a bunch of strange and weird iPod stories. The most recent ones (pictured above) is the one about a soldier in Iraq who got shot (saved by the vest) but didn’t know about it – the iPod is how he found out that he actually got shot.

20 Strange or Unique iPod Stories []
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Simply Brilliant: iPod dock in car cassette deck


Not often do we come across a piece of gear that makes us wish we’d thought of it. But when we saw this in-dash iPod dock (more of a slot, really) adapted from a car cassette deck, we dusted off the award statuette. With a Kenwood head unit, you can select the iPod as a source so song information and playlists are visible on the stereo’s LCD readout — good to have, since your iPod’s clickwheel and screen will be a little obstructed. And that Apple button is a nice touch.

Tragically, the highly evolved dock is a one-shot mod of a dashboard cassette player done by user JPPadula, and it’s doubtful he’s taking orders. We hope that some smart manufacturers are paying attention, but in the meantime, Alpine’s iDA-X001 can stand in as the next best thing.

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