Pixel Qi 3Qi Magic E-Paper and High-Res LCD Dual Display Becomes Real Next Month

via Gizmodo by matt buchanan on 4/23/09

The display technology Pixel Qi has been promising is revolutionary: A high-res color LCD and low-power, reflective reader mode better than E-ink. For dirt cheap. And it’s coming next month.

If you recall, PixelQi’s founder, Mary Lou Jepsen, is the brains behind the OLPC’s breakthrough reflective screen, and an evangelist for the idea that the future of the computer is in displays. When we talked to her about the problems with e-readers, she predicted that LCD would overtake electrophoretic display technology—aka E-ink—by 2010.

The idea isn’t crazy if Pixel Qi’s displays match the hype: One screen that delivers a high-res, color LCD for normal computer stuff; an e-paper mode that’s even more readable than e-ink; and a super low-power black-and-white mode. And is cheap to make and advance, since it’s fabricated in standard LCD factories. It makes the possibility of a single tablet computer that really can do everything that much more possible.

And we’ll get to see the first one, 3Qi, next month. Sure, it’s just a stupid screen, but I’m excited.

[Cnet via Engadget]

Pre-Order the Sharp Mebius NJ70A Netbook With LCD Multitouch Trackpad

via Gizmodo by Sean Fallon on 4/23/09

The Sharp Mebius NJ70A Netbook definitely turns some heads with its touchscreen LCD trackpad. Interested parties can now pre-order the Mebius for $999 for a June 5th ship date.

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Sharp launches charity drive with a 26-foot tower of 43 LCD TVs to be raffle…

via DVICE by Kevin Hall on 12/1/08


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. Sharp helped deck the halls by sponsoring the Grand Central Terminal Kaleidoscope Light Show, which lit up the main concourse with a holiday-themed laser light show set to cheery Christmas tunes.

Sharp’s biggest contribution? A 26-foot-tall, Christmas-tree-shaped stack of 43 LCDs of varying sizes (from 19 inches to 52) — and each TV is up for grabs. For every person who enters the giveaway to score a free Sharp Aquos TV, the electronics giant will donate $1 to the HOPE Program. Jump in there and start registering: Sharp will donate up to $100,000, which could really do well by HOPE, a program that helps folks get back on their feet and promotes environmentally-sustainable employment.

Check out the gallery below for more of Sharp’s LCD Christmas tree, and shots of the Grand Central Terminal Kaleidoscope Light Show.

Via Sharp Aquos Experience Sweepstakes

Battle of the Thin TV rages on: 4 examples

via DVICE by Charlie White on 8/28/08


There’s a battle of TV thinness going on right now at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, across the pond at IFA in Berlin, where manufacturers continue the war started last January at CES. The idea is, these are called “flat panels” for a reason, and the company whose TV is the flattest wins.

Never mind that nobody in his right mind spends any time walking around the side of a TV to look at how thin it is, at least not after the first few days after purchase. Never mind that this is just a trade show game between testosterone-addled tech engineers. These things are beautiful. They could cut you like a knife. They’re skinnier than an iPhone. Check out the top four in this round:


Here’s Sharp with the opening volley, its Aquos XS1 that started its life as a vaporous design concept last year at this time, but now it’s a real LCD TV in 52-inch and 65-inch sizes. To be first rolled out in Europe in October, this beauty is a mere 23mm thin.


Next, Panasonic weighs in with a trio of plasma screens, but these are prototypes for bragging rights and had no sale date attached. Shown in 50, 58 and 65-inch sizes, that 50-incher is 24.7mm thick. Panasonic has wireless HD hooked up to them, too, adding to the neato factor.


Sony tops that with its Bravia Edge LED ZX1, (KDL-40ZX1), an 40-inch LED-backlit LCD HDTV that’s 9.9mm thick. Too bad about that 40-inch size, small in today’s TV land. It keeps its svelte form by relegating most of its electronics to an outboard box into which you plug your sources. The ZX-1 ships November 10, and Sony actually quoted a price — $4714 — way too steep for a 40-incher.


Sony thought it had snagged the crown of world’s thinnest, but then along came Phillips. It rolled out its LCD display with an even thinner 8mm screen, using some tricky and super-skinny LumiLED backlights inside the top and bottom of the display to light this baby up. Too bad the prototype on display was only 32 inches, but Philips engineers say there’s at least a 42-incher in the cards. Way to go, Philips, you win. Next bout: CES in January, 2009, where even-thinner OLED displays will make these beauties look like bloated clunkers.

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Humanscale Paramount monitor wall — you know you want eight screens

via DVICE by Kevin Hall on 2/21/08


The Paramount Parabolic Multi-Monitor Display by Humanscale gives you an easy way to attach anywhere from two to eight screens onto its unfolding monitor arm, no tools required. Everything snaps into place, including the displays. The screens are curved toward you for your comfort, and the rack is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of monitor sizes.

Why in the world would you want eight monitors? I don’t know — buy an army of house-watching robots and see all that they see at the same time, or play so many puzzle games at once that your brain explodes. The power is yours!

The Humanscale Paramount is due out early this year. No idea what pricing looks like, though, like most of Humanscale’s products, it’s meant for offices to buy and not the individual.

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Real Fireplace Illuminational Heater offers eco-friendly winter hearth

via DVICE by Adario Strange on 1/31/08


Despite all their technology advances that often make the West look primitive, Japanese winters are brutal. The homes are rarely well insulated, and the heating systems are generally limited to a stationary wall mounted heater that doubles as an air conditioner in the summer. That’s why the Real Fireplace Illuminational Heater is a godsend for the average winterbound Japanese citizen and offers us all a look at the future of virtual wood burning.

The Real Fireplace gives you the look and aesthetic of a fireplace situated on a flatscreen display while the rest of the unit blasts toasty heat in your direction. For just 25,800 yen ($242) you too can snuggle up with your special someone bathed in futurist lob cabin coziness.

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Casio Phone is Waterproof, Rocks 5 Megapixel Camera, 4 Colors and All Sorts of Sexy Extras

via Gizmodo by Addy Dugdale on 1/28/08


One of the big Oh Noes about working for Giz is getting to see sexy new phones, enjoying a quickening of the pulse and then thinking, “Buggerama,” as you realize that said sodding cell is only available in Japan. Casio’s W61CA uses Exilim technology to give you a five-megapixel camera that will survive rainstorms and being dunked in the bath. No surprise then, that it’s being marketed as a sports phone, and comes in that sizzling yellow shade so beloved of Akio Morita. Full specs are below.

5.1 megapixel camera with self-timer button
35mm wide-angle lens
8x digital zoom
18.9 mm thick
2.7 inches wide QVGA high resolution LCD
Mobile English dictionary
Voice commands
Micro SD card slot
132 grams
320 hours standby
220 mins talk time
Earthquake warning system
Nabi disaster evacuation function
Calorie counter
Adelie Penguin anime story
Distance measurement

The W61CA comes in four colors: gold; white, green and yellow and I wish it was available in the West.

[Casio via i4U]